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Site Design Update & New Premium Packages Are Live

This morning we released a major update to the site, probably our biggest single release ever in terms of the amount of code that was changed and added. We’ve been working on it since April.

As a result, two significant changes went into effect. Here’s a quick summary.

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New Mobile-Friendly Site Launches Tomorrow (Tue 9/1)

Update Tuesday 9/1 10:42 am ET: Our mobile-friendly site is now live! Enjoy. It’s sure to have at least a few issues we’ll need to fix, so if you see anything that looks off, please email us at


Before football season starts each year, we typically recap what we did over the summer, kind of like what you used to do for your fourth grade teacher on the first day of school.

Here’s our later-than-usual 2015 version, with some very important news for all of our users.

Sadly, we didn’t spend our entire summer eating hot dogs and riding the Turkish Twist at Canobie Lake Park. Instead, we’ve been working on a big project we’re finally ready to launch.

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TeamRankings Renews Partnership With FanDuel

I’m happy to announce that TeamRankings has renewed its partnership with FanDuel, the industry leader in daily and weekly fantasy sports contests for real money prizes.

As we head into the 2015 NFL season, we’re excited to continue to participate in the rapid growth of the daily fantasy sports market. After working with FanDuel for a year so far, we can say that they are a partner whose integrity, transparency and strategy we respect.

Here’s a recap of what we’ve done so far with FanDuel, and a quick overview of where things are heading in the upcoming weeks and months.

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Introducing Our 2015 NBA Playoff Predictions, Odds and Tools

Last night we posted our 2015 NBA playoffs projections on the site.

As we did for the NCAA tournament, we’ve combined our raw models and ratings with data from other sources (e.g. NBA futures odds from the betting markets, which better reflect the impact of dynamics like teams resting players toward the end of the season), in order to craft a more accurate set of projections.

Along with those projections, we also released a suite of data, charts, and tools. Here’s what you’ll find in our newly updated NBA playoffs section:

NBA Playoffs Matchup Predictor

This is our most powerful playoff tool. Pick any two playoff teams, and see all of the following for a hypothetical matchup:

  • Projected series win odds
  • A series length projection chart
  • Player vs. team matchup stats
  • Team head-to-head performance
  • Records from past NBA Playoffs series between similar seeds
  • Full season stats and ratings for both teams

Here’s a sample Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Golden State Warriors NBA Playoff matchup preview:

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NBA Preseason Rankings & Season Projections For 2014-15

With the NBA season kicking off Tuesday, here is our annual post outlining our NBA preseason ratings, with season projections added for good measure, for every NBA team in 2014-15. Below the data table is more information on how we rank and project teams.

Preseason NBA Rankings Highlights

When we make comparisons to “Vegas” below, we are comparing where a team ranks in our NBA championship probabilities with where they rank in the futures odds listed at Vegas Insider. Note that we are NOT comparing our probabilities with the payout odds, in order to find value. We are comparing the rankings, in order to illuminate which teams are ranked higher or lower than expected.

  • Agreement with Vegas regarding top teams. There is close agreement between us and Vegas on the five teams most likely to win the NBA title. We both project Cleveland as the most likely, followed by San Antonio, then Oklahoma City. We then have the Clippers 4th and the Bulls 5th, while Vegas has those two teams reversed.

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Happy Birthday, New Rankings: You’re No Longer In Beta

As long time TR users know, our “New Ratings” have been around a for a while, and aren’t exactly “new” at this point. In fact, they were announced three years ago today.

To celebrate their birthday, and because we’re now confident that they’re ready for prime time, we’re making a few changes.

What’s Changing?

1. We’re removing “(Beta)” from the end of their name.

It’s like moving from a learner’s permit to real driver’s license.

2. We’re now using them on team and matchup pages.

Our new default power rating for team pages and matchup pages is the Predictive Rating from our New Ratings suite, so you’ll now see “Predictive Rank” where you used to see our old “Overall Rank”.

Unlike our previous Overall rankings, the new Predictive Rating is designed to be the best predictor of future games, so it relies heavily on margin of victory, and virtually ignores a team’s win-loss record.

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NBA Preseason Rankings 2013: Evaluating Challengers To The Throne

The 2013-14 NBA season is just around the corner and one topic will dominate the season:  a possible ring number three for the Big Three. LeBron and The Heat pulled in their second straight title last year and are primed for another run. Teams around the league are gearing up to take them down, however, including big moves by the Rockets, the Clippers, the Warriors, and the Nets.

While only time will really tell this season’s story, we at have crunched the numbers to create our preseason ratings, giving us a bit of data-driven insight. These preseason ratings are based on a variety of factors, including:

  • Previous season success
  • Player value statistics like Win Shares
  • Coaching change metrics

All of the factors we use in our system have been evaluated for their predictiveness in earlier years. These ratings will be used in updating our NBA New Ratings (note: that page will update to show our 2013-14 season ratings beginning on Wednesday morning, the preseason ratings are listed in this post). As a result, they will also drive our NBA season projections, which also will be updated every single day throughout the season.

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NBA Valentines 2013: There’s No Better Way To Say “Yao Complete Me”

Just because we’re data geeks doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun over here at TR. So when our NBA-loving colleague Austin Link busted out a Facebook post this morning with some homemade NBA Valentines, we immediately realized the incredible impact these could have on the love lives of our loyal users.

If you haven’t bought your special someone a Valentine yet, the ones below are lead pipe locks to win over his/her heart. You’re welcome. And ladies, if you just can’t get enough of these, as far as we know Austin is currently available. He likes the NBA, Angus third pounders, and anything that has to do with Iowa.


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2012-13 NBA Preseason Projections: Can The Lakers’ Big Three Top LeBron James & Miami?

The NBA season is upon us, with the Cavs and Wizards tipping things off Tuesday evening, and the slightly more enticing Heat-Celtics and Lakers-Mavs matchups getting underway later that night. That means it’s time to post our preseason projections, before the word “preseason” is no longer accurate.

The main purpose of these ratings is to provide a data-driven starting point for our NBA projected standings page. This will automatically update every day this season, to reflect the latest results and the most up to date power ratings.

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Comparing Tim Duncan & Kevin Garnett? | TR on ESPN

So, have you heard? Tim Duncan hates Kevin Garnett.

In light of that, and with the possibility of a Spurs-Celtics NBA Finals matchup looming, our Austin Link took a look at the careers of the two greats, to try to determine which player holds the edge.

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