Notes From The Sports Nerds

Sports Return Dates 2020: When Do NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL & Other Sports Start?

Updated schedule of 2020 return date or start date for MLB, NBA, NHL, PGA, NFL, college football and other sports after coronavirus suspensions.

Will Empty Stadiums And No Fans Impact NFL Home Field Advantage (HFA)?

We examine theories and relevant research to assess how a 2020 NFL season played in empty stadiums might affect home field advantage (HFA). Do fans matter?

2020 NFL Schedule: Early Reactions for Survivor Pools

A look at the 2020 NFL Schedule and some key early observations about weeks and teams that will play a role in Survivor Pool Strategy.

2020 NFL Season Win Totals and Betting Market Analysis

A look at the average projected win totals for each NFL team from major sportsbooks, to reveal where there is optimism and pessimism for 2020.

New NFL CBA: How It Could Impact Survivor Pool Strategy

The new NFL CBA changes including adding an extra regular season game and expanding the playoffs. We analyze how this could impact survivor pools.

College Basketball Bracket Predictions: Championship Week, Thursday Edition

Predictions for how the bracket could shape up on Selection Sunday, by looking at how teams project over the rest of the season.

2020 NCAA Tournament Could Have Several Over-seeded Top Teams

A lot of the top teams in 2020 are not rated as highly in our predictive power ratings, and that could be a factor in how you should approach your picks.

2020 MLB Projected Standings & Preseason Ratings

The 2020 MLB Projected Standings and Playoffs have the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers on a collision course for the World Series. Who can stop them?

2020 NCAA Tournament Bubble Breakdown

An in-depth look at which teams have clinched a spot, who is on the bubble, and who still has a chance to make the 2020 NCAA Tournament.

NCAA Tournament Bid Thieves: Breaking Down Bubble-Busting Scenarios

Every March, some bubbles could get burst by bid thieves. In this post, we break down the most likely spots where it could happen.