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About Team Rankings

Launched from a Stanford dorm room, Team Rankings has evolved from a math geek’s passion project into a thriving and profitable business. For over a decade, our predictions and rankings have empowered sports fans to better understand the games they love. Today, sports bettors, pool players, and fantasy managers around the world rely on our premium tools and data to make winning decisions.

Our diversified revenue model includes three consumer brands (TeamRankings, BetIQ, and PoolGenius) that collectively have thousands of paying subscribers and attract over 11 million website visitors per year. In addition, we supply content and technology to industry leaders such as ESPN, Action Network, and Yahoo! Sports, and partner with top-tier gaming operators like FanDuel and BetMGM.

Recent advancements in sports data, AI, and machine learning, along with a rapidly expanding sports betting landscape, have positioned our company for unprecedented growth. The most exciting chapter of our story is just beginning, and we're looking for brilliant and motivated people to help us write it.

What Makes Us Different

Instead of raising venture capital, we chose the old school way. Stay lean. Understand customers. Then build things they want to use and buy. That strategy took time, but (literally) paid dividends. Today, we’re a self-sufficient business that's built for the long haul. Our founders still run the company, and 2023 marked our 14th straight year of profitability.

As a result, we offer the best perks of a startup environment without the typical downsides. Here you’ll experience the thrills and challenges of a scrappy, remote team competing against rivals 100x or even 1000x our size. But you won’t have to commute, work 80-hour weeks, or worry about losing your job if the CEO can't raise more money.

We don’t answer to impatient investors or corporate overlords, so external pressures, politics, and bureaucracy have no place at Team Rankings. Instead, our culture prioritizes and rewards getting stuff done. Best of all, we’re small enough that you personally can have a huge impact on the future of our business, and share in the financial rewards.

Culture & Work Environment

Our culture and work environment are key reasons for our success, so it's crucial that they are a great fit for you. We think that working at Team Rankings has many amazing benefits besides just having a well-paid job in sports (which is about as rare as a Detroit Lions Super Bowl ring). However, we know that not everyone will agree.

In short, having happy and healthy employees matters to us. Outside of a few seasonal peaks, a 40-ish hour work week is our norm. We support flexible schedules and don't have any pre-set limits on time off. And we keep it fun—not only in daily interactions, but also at periodic team meetups in places like Nashville, San Diego, New Orleans, Cape Cod, Austin, Asheville, and Charleston, SC.

At the same time, we have very high standards when it comes to individual productivity and work quality. From day one, we'll expect you to embrace our norms for managing work and make meaningful contributions. You'll need to thrive in a fast-paced environment susceptible to rapid changes in priorities, and make smart decisions in the face of considerable uncertainty.

Last but not least, you should place a high personal value on being part of a closely-knit small team. If getting to know your colleagues, engaging in discussions about all aspects of our business, and joining in the occasional banter or pun-making contest on Slack doesn’t sound exciting in the least, then Team Rankings probably isn’t the company for you 🙂.