Our new power ratings have been in development since 2011. Designed exclusively for predictive purposes, these ratings improve upon the old ratings in several ways, most notably by incorporating a preseason rating for each team that improves early season accuracy.

Rating name Best Worst
Predictive Rating Villanova Alab A&M
Home Rating Duke Alab A&M
Away Rating Villanova Maryland ES
Neutral Rating Villanova AR Lit Rock
Home Advantage Creighton Rob Morris
Strength Of Schedule N Carolina Delaware St
Future SOS Villanova Alab A&M
Season SOS N Carolina Delaware St
SOS - Basic N Carolina NC Central
In-Conf SOS N Carolina Beth-Cook
Non-Conf SOS Villanova NW State
Last 5 Rating Villanova Coppin State
Last 10 Rating Villanova Alab A&M
In-Conf Rating Villanova Alab A&M
Non-Conf Rating Villanova Maryland ES
Luck Rating Maryland BC Columbia
Consistency Rating James Mad W Illinois
Vs. 1-25 Rating Villanova Chicago St
Vs. 26-50 Rating Houston Maryland ES
Vs. 51-100 Rating Cincinnati Alab A&M
Vs. 101-200 Rating Arkansas Delaware St
Vs. 201+ Rating Kansas Alab A&M
First Half Rating Villanova Chicago St
Second Half Rating Michigan St Maryland ES

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