About Us

Since 2000, Team Rankings has provided sports fans with the information they need to get smart about the games they love.

We aggregate a vast repository of sports stats and data, publish it all on the site, and use it to power proprietary power ratings systems and algorithmic models. Currently we cover five major U.S. sports: NFL, NBA, MLB, college football and college basketball. In addition, we offer premium services for sports betting predictions and office pool picks.

Our mission is to provide sports fans with 100% objective insights and analysis. If you want to hear a former player's opinion on locker room chemistry, you can go elsewhere. If you want to know how a statistical model that leverages 10 years of historical data would predict the final score of tonight's game, you're in the right place.

Over the years, our site has steadily grown from a Stanford stat geek's pet project into one of the largest sports analytics sites on the web. As we like to say, we've been doing data-driven sports analysis since way before it was cool. We'd been around for three years before the term "Moneyball" was even invented!

Today our content serves a wide range of users, from team fans to coaches and GM's, and from office pool contestants to fantasy players and sports bettors. We take pride in serving all of them, whether it's a Jacksonville Jaguars fan scouring the site to find a metric (something, anything!) that their team does well, or Stan Van Gundy, who once shouted us down at the MIT Sloan sports analytics conference to tell us he loved the site.

We're most excited about the future, though, because we've only built out a small fraction of our vision for Team Rankings. To that end, we're actively recruiting the best and the brightest to work with us.

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