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NBA Playoffs Matchup Predictor: Head-to-Head Series Projections

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In our most recent calculations, we project Golden State as the most likely winner of the 2015 NBA Playoffs, with projected NBA Playoffs win odds of 28.6%. The second most likely team is Cleveland, with a 28.4% chance to win the NBA Playoffs in 2015.

NBA Playoffs Game Winner Predictions

Latest Series Win Odds

Round Matchup Series Win Odds
First Round #1 Atlanta vs. #8 Brooklyn ATL 82.9%
First Round #1 Golden State vs. #8 New Orleans GSW 100.0%
First Round #2 Houston vs. #7 Dallas HOU 94.5%
First Round #2 Cleveland vs. #7 Boston CLE 100.0%
First Round #3 Chicago vs. #6 Milwaukee CHI 89.9%
First Round #3 LA Clippers vs. #6 San Antonio SAS 54.3%
First Round #4 Portland vs. #5 Memphis MEM 93.3%
First Round #4 Toronto vs. #5 Washington WAS 100.0%

The 2015 NBA Playoffs current series win odds table above lists the win odds for every 2015 NBA Playoffs series. The win odds calculations use the same power ratings calculations as the round-by-round survival odds, however, the win odds are updated after every game in the NBA Playoffs.

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