About Our NCAA Bracket Picks

We take a scientific approach to March Madness picks, using data, technology and game theory to maximize your chance to win bracket contests.

First, we gather the most predictive data on every team in the 2017 NCAA tournament bracket: the latest Vegas odds and betting market predictions, team power ratings from the world’s most accurate systems, thousands of advanced stats.

Using proprietary tools we’ve developed, we refine our team analysis by examining the latest news on injuries and suspensions, and adjusting expectations based on the lineups most likely to play in the NCAA tournament.

Then, we aggregate public picking trends from the biggest national March Madness bracket contests, in order to identify the most underrated and overrated teams in the 2017 bracket.

This information enables us to make the most educated bets with bracket picks -- decisions where the expected rewards significantly outweigh the risks.

Finally, we spend nearly $10,000 every March renting server capacity from Amazon to run millions of computer simulations in the hours following the announcement of the March Madness bracket on Selection Sunday.

Before the first game of the 2017 tournament tips off, we’ve calculated precise odds for each team to make each successive tournament round, and simulated the performance of billions of brackets in hypothetical NCAA pools with a wide variety of scoring systems.

The outputs of this process are ready-to-play brackets algorithmically customized to give you the best possible chance to win your pool. They are based on the best objective data, tested in the most sophisticated way, and optimized for key factors like your pool’s scoring system and the approximate number of entries.

No other site offers such powerful and easy-to-use bracket picks and and analysis tools.

About TeamRankings

Launched from a Stanford University dorm room in 2000, TeamRankings has grown from a math geek’s pet project into the web’s #1 source for objective sports predictions and data.

We currently publish over 200,000 free pages of algorithmic projections, stats, rankings and odds. We also offer premium picks and tools for sports bettors and office pool players.

Whether you watch sports, bet on sports, write about sports, or work in sports, TeamRankings provides the numbers you need to get smart about the game.

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