Our new power ratings have been in development since 2011. Designed exclusively for predictive purposes, these ratings improve upon the old ratings in several ways, most notably by incorporating a preseason rating for each team that improves early season accuracy.

Rating name Best Worst
Predictive Rating Houston Cleveland
Home Rating
Away Rating
Home Advantage
Strength Of Schedule
Future SOS Houston New York
Season SOS Houston New York
SOS - Basic
In-Div SOS
Non-Div SOS
Last 5 Rating
Last 10 Rating
In-Div Rating
Non-Div Rating
Luck Rating
Consistency Rating
Vs. 1-5 Rating
Vs. 6-10 Rating
Vs. 11-16 Rating
Vs. 17-22 Rating
Vs. 23-30 Rating
First Half Rating
Second Half Rating

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