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NCAA Tournament Betting Picks 2017

Game Winner Picks, Spread Picks & Totals

Our algorithmic models use over a decade of historical data to generate betting picks for all 2016 NCAA tournament games, as well as the NIT and CBI. Predictions include game winner, point spread, over/under and money line picks, along with confidence odds or value scores.

Historical NCAA Picks Performance

Our college basketball spread and totals picks with confidence odds greater than 52.4% (the breakeven win rate at typical -110 juice) have compiled a 9-year track record of profitability against game-day lines from Pinnacle Sports, with an average yearly return of more than +29 units of profit.

Frequency Of Playable Spread Picks & Totals

Historically, we average about about 40 playable spread and over/under picks per NCAA tournament, but the exact number varies each year depending on how frequently our models identify inefficiencies in betting lines.

Release Times Of NCAA Tournament Picks

We generate betting predictions for games as soon as we receive line data from a third-party service, and line value is typically the greatest in our early picks. As betting lines move and/or box scores for recently completed games become available, our models recalculate their projections using all the latest data.