TRFC Week 7 Recap: Scorpio71 Claims The First Hat Trick

Week 7 broke new ground for the TeamRankings Football Championship qualifier, with one participant claiming all three seats into the Week 11 Finals.

Scorpio71 claimed the top three spots in the TeamRankings Football Challenge, our weekly FanDuel tournament for TeamRankings users. His three identical entries finished with a score of 186.52, just barely edging out redscare by 0.10 points and dwsweetpea by 0.18 points.

TeamRankings Football Challenge Week 7 Details

Our Week 7 contest had a $10 entry fee, with a guaranteed $6,000 prize pool distributed to the top 300 scorers, who each doubled their money.

(And with thousands of people entering FanDuel contests with much lower expected returns, this is a great time to remind you why our weekly tournament is such a great value.)

As usual, the top three scores in Week 7 each won a free entry into our $25,000 Week 11 Final, where they are all guaranteed to win a minimum of $500, up to the grand prize of $3,000.

Make sure to enter our Week 8 tourney as early as you can — there are only three weekly tourneys and nine finals seats left!

Week 7 Winner

Scorpio71 claimed all three finals seats this week, three identical entries tying for first. (FYI, the maximum number of entries per player is 25.) The result? At least $1,530 in profits, once our Week 11 Final is complete, on only $30 in entry fees.

Redscare notably had two entries finish in the top 10, while smccarty78 also had five entries tie for eighth place.

Here’s scorpio71’s winning lineup for Week 7:

TeamRankings Week 7 1st Place


Analysis of the Winner

  • With four teams on bye and four more teams out of play due to the Thursday night and early Sunday games, Week 7 featured several players with especially high ownership percentages. Scorpio71 took advantage of the best of that crop, utilizing Devonta Freeman (66.1%), Todd Gurley (77%), and the Rams defense (57%).
  • The biggest difference maker in the lineup was Nate Washington. The No. 3 wideout on the Texans, Washington scored 29.2 points at nearly the minimum salary, but he was owned in only 2% of lineups. Rob Gronkowski was also a key buy, making good on his high salary by scoring 22.3 points. However, facing a tough Jets defense, he was owned in only 5.6% of lineups.

Looking Toward Week 8

We’ll be awarding three more entries into the $25,000 Week 11 Final of the TeamRankings Football Championship this week.

Like last week, this week’s format is a double up with another $6,000 prize pool and a maximum of 660 entries. The top 300 entries will double their $10 entry fee, and the top three finishers are guaranteed at least $500 in cash come Week 11, with $3,000 in cash going to our Week 11 Final winner.

This week the entry limit is 25 per person, with the deadline on Sunday at 1:00 pm ET. The contest is open, so don’t wait!

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