TeamRankings, BetIQ, and PoolGenius: A Guide To Our Three Different Brands

Team Rankings Bet IQ Pool Genius Logos

If you haven’t visited in a while, you may notice a few changes we made recently. First, the site has an updated logo—not much different, but a bit spiffier than before.

Second, there’s a bar at the top of the site with links to “BetIQ” and “PoolGenius.” Here’s how it looks on mobile phones, for example:

Multisite Navigation Bar

What Are BetIQ and PoolGenius?

In short, we are transitioning from operating a single brand (TeamRankings) to operating a network of multiple brands (and eventually, different websites and mobile apps). Although we have a lot more work to do to execute that vision, we recently took the first steps.

For our site visitors and subscribers, this post lays out the immediate-term implications.

We Had One Brand. Now We Have Three.

For many years, TeamRankings has provided data and tools to sports fans, bettors, and pool players. We are now targeting those latter two audiences—bettors and pool players—with distinct brands.

As a result, we now own and operate three distinct brands:

  • TeamRankings for statistically-minded league and team fans.
  • BetIQ for sports bettors looking to make the most informed bets.
  • PoolGenius for pool players serious about maximizing their edge.

We may introduce more brands in the years ahead. For the foreseeable future, though (let’s say the next 12-18 months), we plan to focus on building out and improving these three brands.

How The Move To Three Brands Affects Visitors & Subscribers

Our goal is to keep this initial transition from one brand to three brands as easy as possible for our existing subscribers and longtime site visitors. At the same time, it does necessitate some changes.

Here are the most important things to know:

  • The three brands are not standalone web sites (yet).
    Technically, BetIQ and PoolGenius are still currently part of the web site, we’ve just made the pages included under each different brand look different. However, we do own the dot-com domains for all three brands (,, and Typing any of those URLs directly into your browser will send you to the homepage of each brand. FYI, we still haven’t built a mobile app for any brand, but we’d like to someday.
  • User accounts are shared across all three brands.
    If you already have a TeamRankings user account, you do NOT need to create another account on BetIQ or PoolGenius. Whether you’re on a TeamRankings page, or a BetIQ page, or a PoolGenius page, you can click the “Log In” link at the top right of the screen and log in using the email/username and password associated with your existing TeamRankings account. Similarly, if you register for a new user account on TeamRankings, BetIQ, or PoolGenius, your account credentials will be shared across all three brands.
  • Premium subscriptions can now include features across multiple brands.
    As with user accounts, you don’t need a separate premium subscription for TeamRankings, BetIQ, and PoolGenius. Our premium subscription packages remain the same as before, but they can now cover multiple brands. For example, our Yearly Subscription (which includes both betting picks and pool picks) now gives you access to all premium betting-related features on both TeamRankings and BetIQ, as well as access to all pool picks on PoolGenius.
  • There is a navigation bar at the top of every page to switch between brands.
    Per the screenshot at the beginning of this blog post, one click is all it takes to switch between our three brands, from any page. You’ll always see that multi-brand navigation bar, whether you are on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.
  • There will be a transition period in the months ahead.
    We still have work to do to deliver the best user experience in our new three-brand model. In addition, we will undoubtedly continue to discover downstream impacts of this transition that we did not anticipate. Still, we felt ready enough to roll out these first steps of our longer-term vision, and we wanted to get the basics in place before the 2022 football season started. So please bear with us, and if you see anything that confuses you, let us know (

Features And Future Plans For Each Brand

Here’s a quick run-down of what currently lives under each brand, and our future plans:


  • TeamRankings will remain a general stats site and resource for sports data.
  • Our four pool picks products (NFL Survivor Picks, Football Pick’em Picks, Bowl Pick’em Picks, and NCAA Bracket Picks) are no longer under the TeamRankings brand. They have moved to PoolGenius.
  • In the short term, any sports betting-related data and pages on TeamRankings, such as betting picks and betting trends pages, will remain as-is.
  • At some point in the future (timing still TBD), any data on TeamRankings that specifically relates to sports betting will be moved to BetIQ.
  • Going forward, we plan to refocus TeamRankings on its original mission, which was to provide sports fans with smart data on their favorite leagues and teams.


  • BetIQ is our new brand dedicated to sports bettors. It will offer both free and paid subscription-based features.
  • It is currently in an early stage of development, and will continue to change substantially in the months ahead as we add new data and features.
  • We will not start the process of removing sports betting-related data from TeamRankings and moving it over to BetIQ until we feel that BetIQ has reached an appropriate stage of development.
  • Until we reach that point, some overlapping content will exist on both TeamRankings and BetIQ (e.g. betting picks and season projections).
  • The predictive models for game picks (e.g. Decision Tree, Similar Games) and season projections currently shown on BetIQ and TeamRankings are the same. However, some predictive data is presented in slightly different ways across the two brands. Until all betting-related data exists only on BetIQ, you can use whatever predictions pages you like best, whether on TeamRankings or BetIQ.
  • BetIQ is where we publish our new Staff Picks feature, which presents a short list of our favorite betting picks that incorporate both hands-on team and player research we conduct, along with insights from our algorithmic models.
  • Premium subscription packages that include betting picks (e.g. our Yearly, Monthly, and Weekly Subscriptions, plus our Football Season Pass) now include access to all premium features on both TeamRankings and BetIQ.
  • Some currently free betting-related data on TeamRankings may eventually require a paid subscription to access once we move it to BetIQ. But it’s still free for now. 🙂
  • Going forward, we intend to expand the breadth and scope of features on BetIQ, covering more types of bets and more sports, and developing new bet discovery and research tools.


  • PoolGenius is our new brand dedicated to sports pool and office pool players. It will offer both free and paid subscription-based features.
  • As of summer 2022, PoolGenius now houses our four current pool picks products: NFL Survivor Picks, Football Pick’em Picks, Bowl Pick’em Picks, and NCAA Bracket Picks.
  • We are in the process of developing more original content about pools and pool strategy for PoolGenius, including a podcast and videos (coming soon).
  • Going forward, we intend to expand the types of pools we cover on PoolGenius, and develop ancillary features useful to pool players (e.g. lists of pools you can enter).

Thanks And Stay Tuned…

As always, we appreciate the support of our subscribers and longtime visitors through this transition from one to three brands. We understand that change is almost never easier than keeping things the same.

But after much thought, we are confident that operating a network of brands is our best long-term strategy. If you’re curious why, we invite you to read our other announcement post that explains why we’re doing this.

Finally, if you’ve got any feedback or suggestions for us regarding this transition, we’d love to hear it. Just shoot us an email at