NFL and College Football Products and Packages for 2019

Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints are playing to get the top seed in our NFC playoff predictions

Drew Brees and the Saints can take a big step toward getting the top NFC spot (Photo by Nick Wosika/Icon Sportswire)

We’re excited to announce our premium products and subscription packages for the 2019-20 football season.

What Premium Products Does TeamRankings Offer For Football?

The vast majority of content on TeamRankings, including tens of thousands of pages of football stats and rankings, is free to use.

However, we’re able to offer all that content for free because we make money selling premium picks, tools, and content to sports bettors and football pool players.

For over a decade, we’ve been building algorithmic models and analysis tools designed to give those people an edge.

Football 2019 Premium Products Overview

This season, we’re offering the following premium products for NFL and college football:

(We also have a premium pool picks product, Bowl Pick’em Picks, that provides picks for college bowl season pick’em pools. However, that product doesn’t launch until early December, after all the bowl game matchups have been announced.)

You can click on the links above for complete descriptions of each product. Otherwise, keep reading for a summary, including information on our discounted subscription packages.

NFL Betting Picks 2019

Our NFL Betting Picks leverage multiple algorithmic models we’ve developed over the years.

These models incorporate 10+ years of historical data (and millions of individual data points) to predict the outcomes of NFL games.

We publish the outputs of these models on the site, and also incorporate them into the following types of picks for every NFL regular season and postseason game:

  • Game winner picks
  • Point spread picks (ATS)
  • Over/under picks (totals)
  • Money line value picks

Each of our models for NFL Betting Picks applies a different mathematical approach, enabling you to compare multiple algorithmic perspectives on a game. Some examples:

  • Decision Tree Model. Creates predictions using a sophisticated modeling technique, random forests, that can identify complex and/or subtle predictive factors that are often impossible to identify via manual analysis.
  • Similar Games Model. Analyzes the results of historical games between statistically similar opponents, and creates predictions by weighting past game results using an overall matchup similarity score.
  • Power Ratings Model. Derives a predictive rating for each team based on past game results and opponent strength, then creates predictions by comparing team ratings and adjusting for game location.

Having multiple models also enables us to improve the accuracy of our picks by using an ensemble approach to prediction. Leveraging multiple predictive models often produces better predictions than using any one model alone, since specific models each tend to have their particular blind spots.

(We’ve actually built several different variants of the models above that we use to make predictions, so in most cases we’re analyzing closer to 10 different algorithmic models to come up with our official TR picks.)

Our customers use our NFL Betting Picks in different ways. Some play all of our “playable”-rated model picks. Some only play our top-rated picks. Some take our top-rated picks as a starting point, and use their own methods or preferences to filter the list down to a couple plays they like most.

Many bettors use our predictions as an input into their own more complex handicapping process, taking into account many other information sources in addition to TeamRankings models.

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College Football Betting Picks 2019

Our College Football Betting Picks employ a similar approach as our NFL Betting Picks.

Multiple math models make predictions for each game. We publish those underlying predictions, and also incorporate them into an overall game winner pick, point spread pick, over/under pick, and money line value pick.

On the college football side, our game winner and betting picks cover all games between two FBS opponents, plus all postseason bowl games and College Football Playoff games.

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Football Pool Picks 2019

Our Football Pool Picks product provides picks, tools and data for football “pick’em” style contests. In these contests, you have to pick the winners of a slate of NFL and/or college games each week.

The most popular form of contest simply consists of picking every NFL game, every week. Pools like those typically have an end-of-season prize for the entrant who picks the most games correctly, and also often have a smaller weekly prize for the top scoring entry of each NFL week.

Our product covers a broad range of pick’em pool formats and scoring options, including:

  • Picking straight-up game winners or point spread winners
  • The ability to customize weekly point spreads to match your pool
  • Assigning confidence points to each pick (i.e. confidence pools)
  • Picking NFL games, regular season college football games, or both
  • Picking all games, some games, or choosing which games to pick each week
  • Optimizing picks to win season-long prizes vs. individual week prizes

To start with, the Football Pool Picks product uses the most accurate and objective methods (e.g. Vegas odds and algorithmic models) to predict individual games.

Then, it uses proprietary algorithms to customize weekly pick recommendations based on your pick’em pool’s size, scoring system, payout structure, and your current position in the standings. No other approach does a better job of maximizing your odds to win a prize.

Finally, purchasing access to Football Pick’em Picks currently gives you the ability to set up and get customized picks for as many different pools as you want.

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NFL Survivor Picks 2019

Our NFL Survivor Picks product provides picks, tools, and data for NFL “survivor” style pools. These pools are also known as knockout pools, eliminator pools, suicide pools, and last man standing pools. (Can we settle on a name?!)

In the most common variant of these pools, players need to pick one NFL game winner per week, but each team can only be used as a pick once. If your pick loses, your entry is eliminated from the pool.

The complexity involved in maximizing your odds to win an NFL survivor pool can be staggering. Making the best possible pick each week involves doing a lot of math — to evaluate each team’s odds to win, to project its expected popularity as a pick in your pool, and to estimate the relative value of picking that team vs. saving it to pick later.

Our NFL Survivor Picks product does all that math for you, providing a ranked list of top picks for your pool every week. It’s also the only system that:

  • Uses historical data to project a team’s expected future pick popularity
  • Adjusts pick advice based on a wide range of common survivor pool rule variations
  • Optimizes weekly pick “portfolios” for people playing multiple entries and in multiple pools

Purchasing access to NFL Survivor Picks currently gives you the ability to set up and get customized picks for multiple pools and entries. However, there is a limit of roughly 30-40 total entries on account of the very high mathematical complexity associated with optimizing picks for large portfolios of survivor pool entries. (The limit will vary according to how complicated the rules of your pools are.)

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Subscription Packages For Football 2019

To get access to our premium football products, we offer several different subscription packages. The more products you sign up for, and the longer you sign up for, the more you save.

Here are the 3 football-related packages that offer the biggest savings:

1) All-Access Yearly Subscription
Our best deal by far, this annual package includes access to all betting picks for NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAAF, and NCAAB (over 10,000 games per year in total). It also includes all four of our pool picks products: Football Pool Picks, NFL Survivor Picks, Bowl Pick’em Picks, and NCAA Bracket Picks.
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2) Football Season Pass 2019-20
This package offers a discounted price on all NFL and college football betting picks through the 2020 Super Bowl, plus our three products for football pools: Football Pool Picks, NFL Survivor Picks, and Bowl Pick’em Picks.
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3) Pool Picks Yearly Subscription
Our most popular annual package provides a major price cut on access to all four of our pool picks products: Football Pool Picks, NFL Survivor Picks, Bowl Pick’em Picks, and NCAA Bracket Picks.
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4) All-Access Monthly Subscription
The same in-season betting and pool picks as the all-access yearly subscription listed above, but pay monthly instead of yearly.
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5) Football Pick’em Picks 2019
Our picks and tools for NFL and college football pick’em pools for the 2019-20 season (does not include college bowls).
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6) NFL Survivor Picks 2019
Our picks for NFL survivor pools (also known as eliminator, knockout, and last man standing pools) for the 2019-20 season.
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A Note On Betting Picks Packages

We currently offer betting picks for NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAAF, and NCAAB. Any subscription package that includes betting picks will include all of those sports; we do not sell betting picks packages for individual sports.

We made that decision to keep our subscription options simple, and we charge what we believe is a very fair price.

Several popular handicappers charge $1,000+ for a season’s worth of picks for a single sport. On TeamRankings, a small fraction of that amount will get you access to all premium picks and tools for all five sports we cover.

Have Questions?

If you have questions about any of our football premium products or subscription packages, don’t hesitate to send us an email at One of us (likely Seth) will get back to you as soon as we can.