NFL Betting: Does Denver Have An Early Season ATS Advantage?

Denver Against the Spread Splits

We wrote a post to have an excuse to post the old Broncos uniforms (Photo By John Cordes/ICON Sportswire)

The Denver Broncos are a unique team in the NFL:

  • At home, the Broncos play at the highest elevation of any team in the NFL — in fact, about 4,000 feet in elevation higher than any other NFL city.
  • Denver is the only NFL city that is in the Mountain Time Zone and on Daylight Savings Time. (Phoenix is also in the Mountain Time Zone but does not observe Daylight Savings, putting them with the Pacific Time Zone for nearly half the season.
  • Denver is geographically isolated, more than 600 miles from the nearest potential opponent (Kansas City).

Because of some of these unique traits, when it comes to performance against the point spread, some results and trends involving Denver might not be as random as you would expect with other teams.

Denver Against The Spread and Point Total Results, By Week

We have NFL point spread results going back to the 1985 season. Here are the results for Denver, by week of the season, going all the way back to that year.

The results shown in this table include a variety of different Denver teams and team qualities, such as when they had John Elway, when they had Tim Tebow, the Mike Shanahan Super Bowl era, when they went 4-12 in 2010, Peyton Manning’s time in Denver, etc.

Denver Broncos ATS and Over/Under Results, By Week, 1985-2019

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