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Wimbledon Predictions

Wimbledon Predictions

Wimbledon Predictions Summary

  • As of the start of the quarterfinals, the favorite to win Wimbledon, according to our Wimbledon predictions, is Rafael Nadal, with a 33.6% chance.
  • As of the start of the quarterfinals, our Wimbledon predictions show that there is an 87% chance that one of the "Big 3" wins the championship.

About the Wimbledon Predictions

The percentages shown in each column are the likelihood of each player advancing to each successive round, according to our Wimbledon predictions. These odds were computed before the tournament started, and do not reflect the action in the tournament so far.

Our Wimbledon predictions are based on our Wimbledon power ratings, which measure the relative performance of all players using 100% objective performance stats and sophisticated computational algorithms.

Wimbledon Predictions Blog

For more info on the favorites, round-by-round breakdowns, and general Wimbledon predictions news, check out our Wimbledon Predictions blog.