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$50 Off A Pool Picks Subscription

When you try FanDuel

Plus a $5 FanDuel account bonus!

How It Works

  1. Use the form below to register for a free TeamRankings account
  2. Click the blue button to go to FanDuel
  3. Sign up for FanDuel and deposit at least $5
  4. We’ll email you the $50 discount

This offer is available to new FanDuel users only and limitations apply. See below for details.

Ready To Get Started?

First enter an email and password for your TeamRankings account.

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Now click the button below, and we'll send you to a special page to sign up for FanDuel and claim this offer.

If you sign up for FanDuel any other way, you will not be eligible for this offer.

By clicking Go To FanDuel, you are agreeing to our Terms of Service.

About This Offer

We’ve partnered with FanDuel to give you a quick and easy way to get $50 off a Pool Picks Subscription.

All you need to do is create a new user account on FanDuel, then make an initial account deposit of at least $5 using a credit card or PayPal.

But that’s not all. When you make your first deposit, FanDuel will credit your account with a $5 bonus you can use to enter contests and win prizes.

Let’s recap. You deposit as little as $5, you get $50 off your TeamRankings subscription plus a $5 FanDuel account bonus. It’s that simple.

What Is FanDuel?

Using FanDuel’s web site or mobile app, you can enter a huge variety of sports contests -- including fantasy games, pick’ems, and survivors -- and win real cash.

You can even set up private cash contests between you and your friends.

Since 2009, FanDuel has paid out over $4.5 billion in prize money to over 2.7 million users. The site offers contests for NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, soccer, WNBA and golf.


This offer is available to new FanDuel users only. If you have ever created a FanDuel account in the past, you are not eligible. FanDuel actively identifies duplicate accounts and revokes related TeamRankings premium access whenever they are found.

Hopefully that’s understandable. FanDuel covers the cost of these discounts as a way to encourage people to try FanDuel, and they are not willing to subsidize people who already have FanDuel accounts.

Beyond that, some age and state limitations apply, and these limitations may change over time.

As of August 2018, if you are physically located in Alabama, Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, Texas, or Washington, you cannot deposit funds and are not eligible for this offer.