My Pool Picks Feature Tutorial

How do you use the My Pool Picks to set up your various pools? This tutorial walks you through some of the key steps.

The central feature of our Survivor Pool Picks product is generating customized survivor recommendations specifically for each of your pools and entries. It supports up to 30 total survivor entries, across multiple pools.

Your customized picks, all of the details for each of your pools, and the history of picks for each entry is housed in the My Pool Picks feature. You can find this as the tab at the far left along the top navigation bar within the product, labeled “My Pool Picks.”

Here’s a quick overview of how to use the My Pool Picks section to get custom picks for a pool.

Setting Up Your Pool(s)

When you first view the My Pool Picks page, there should be a big button that says “Add New Pool”. Click this button and you’ll enter our pool details questionnaire, where we ask you a series of questions about your pool.

The first set of questions will ask you to input the rules variations that your survivor pool uses. This includes answer “Yes/No” to whether your pool uses the following:

  • Strikes
  • Buybacks
  • Bye Weeks
  • Multi-Pick Weeks
  • Wins Tiebreakers
  • Games Extending into the NFL Playoffs

It also includes questions about some features that our product does not directly support. These include “Loser pools,” pools that allow you to pick a team more than once, or limit how many times you can pick against a team.

After that, you will need to provide an estimate of how many total entries there are in your pool, as well as how many entries you are playing in the pool.

You also need to provide the entry fee amount, when the pool starts, and answer how ties in NFL games are treated in this pool. After you have done all of this, and answered where your pool is hosted, it should be ready to save. (You will get a final screen showing all the pool information you have entered, before you save the pool.)

Updating Your Entries After Each Week

At the conclusion of each week, once the product has gone live after a short down period (usually by late Tuesday afternoon or early evening following the Monday Night game), you can update your results in “My Pool Picks.”

You should see a big tab at the top of the page to “Update Next Pool.” You can also separately find “Update” buttons to the right side of each specific pool listed on that page.

You will go through each pool and enter the pick (or picks) you actually used that week. If you used the most recent recommendation by the product, you can now click a button and it will auto-fill with that team. (If you decided to go with a different choice other than the top recommendation for that entry, you can manually change it.)

Once you are done with entering all your picks for a pool, you can receive your recommendations for the current week.

Viewing and Updating Your Recommended Picks

We encourage you to get your survivor recommendations for each pool as close as possible to the submission deadline for your pool.

If you choose to do so, though, you can update your pool early in the week, and view your recommendations again later in the week closer to your submission deadline. If you update your picks, just know that the old recommendations will no longer be available. In many cases, the recommendations will not change (especially if not much time has passed since you last viewed them), but they can change with additional information. See “Why Top Options Change During The Week for more on this topic.