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Data Grid

Please be aware this early data may change as the season approaches and more betting, roster, and public pick data becomes available.

The Data Grid is a quick reference for team-level data. To get recommended picks for your pool(s), use My Pool Picks.

Last updated: Sun 08/07 10:39pm ET

Week View shows data from Week 1 as of the latest update.
Season View shows grid with projected win odds for each future week.
Team TR Odds Market Odds Money Line Spread Popularity Week 1 EV Future Value 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Indianapolis at HOU 81% 76% -350 -8.0 14% 1.18 1.6 81%@HOU 64%@JAC 44%KC 55%TEN 43%@DEN 73%JAC 45%@TEN 67%WAS 47%@NE 46%@LV 59%PHI 65%PIT 42%@DAL --bye 50%@MIN 49%LAC 60%@NYG 80%HOU
San Francisco at CHI 74% 71% -275 -6.5 7% 1.11 2.9 74%@CHI 79%SEA 48%@DEN 52%LAR 70%@CAR 76%@ATL 48%KC 42%@LAR --bye 54%LAC 57%ARI (N) 67%NO 64%MIA 50%TB 67%@SEA 73%WAS 51%@LV 62%ARI
Baltimore at NYJ 74% 70% -248 -6.0 14% 1.07 1.5 74%@NYJ 66%MIA 49%@NE 42%BUF 55%CIN 62%@NYG 62%CLE 38%@TB 54%@NO --bye 74%CAR 66%@JAC 56%DEN 57%@PIT 44%@CLE 81%ATL 67%PIT 44%@CIN
Denver at SEA 71% 67% -210 -5.0 9% 1.05 2.5 71%@SEA 84%HOU 52%SF 47%@LV 57%IND 40%@LAC 75%NYJ 71%JAC (N) --bye 46%@TEN 57%LV 67%@CAR 44%@BAL 45%KC 59%ARI 38%@LAR 35%@KC 50%LAC
New Orleans at ATL 71% 68% -240 -5.0 5% 1.06 0.6 71%@ATL 37%TB 59%@CAR 48%MIN (N) 65%SEA 45%CIN 40%@ARI 49%LV 46%BAL 48%@PIT 40%LAR 33%@SF 29%@TB --bye 74%ATL 35%@CLE 41%@PHI 69%CAR
Tennessee vs. NYG 67% 72% -271 -6.5 14% 0.95 1.3 67%NYG 23%@BUF 55%LV 45%@IND 58%@WAS --bye 55%IND 72%@HOU 35%@KC 54%DEN 40%@GB 52%CIN 48%@PHI 73%JAC 39%@LAC 80%HOU 53%DAL 64%@JAC
Cincinnati vs. PIT 67% 72% -275 -6.5 10% 0.97 2.2 67%PIT 45%@DAL 68%@NYJ 62%MIA 45%@BAL 55%@NO 82%ATL 52%@CLE 77%CAR --bye 58%@PIT 48%@TEN 46%KC 55%CLE 38%@TB 50%@NE 42%BUF 56%BAL
Philadelphia at DET 66% 65% -193 -4.0 6% 0.99 1.8 66%@DET 60%MIN 55%@WAS 71%JAC 44%@ARI 49%DAL --bye 62%PIT 69%@HOU 66%WAS 41%@IND 47%GB 52%TEN 57%@NYG 59%@CHI 39%@DAL 59%NO 67%NYG
LA Chargers vs. LV 64% 62% -180 -3.5 1% 0.99 3.3 64%LV 40%@KC 77%JAC 77%@HOU 56%@CLE 60%DEN 77%SEA --bye 77%@ATL 46%@SF 50%KC 53%@ARI 52%@LV 64%MIA 61%TEN 51%@IND 53%LAR 50%@DEN
Washington vs. JAC 64% 66% -210 -4.0 4% 0.97 0.4 64%JAC 51%@DET 45%PHI 29%@DAL 42%TEN 48%@CHI 36%GB 33%@IND 46%MIN 34%@PHI 59%@HOU 69%ATL 47%@NYG --bye 57%NYG 27%@SF 38%CLE 39%DAL
Miami vs. NE 59% 56% -140 -3.0 1% 0.92 0.9 59%NE 34%@BAL 37%BUF 38%@CIN 61%@NYJ 56%MIN 62%PIT 63%@DET 58%@CHI 48%CLE --bye 77%HOU 36%@SF 36%@LAC 28%@BUF 46%GB 44%@NE 69%NYJ
Kansas City at ARI 55% 60% -162 -3.0 1% 0.84 2.1 55%@ARI 60%LAC 56%@IND 47%@TB 66%LV 51%BUF 52%@SF --bye 65%TEN 81%JAC 50%@LAC 59%LAR 54%@CIN 55%@DEN 81%@HOU 81%SEA 65%DEN 57%@LV
Buffalo at LAR 55% 54% -123 -2.5 2% 0.84 6.6 55%@LAR 77%TEN 63%@MIA 58%@BAL 79%PIT 49%@KC --bye 66%GB 77%@NYJ 73%MIN 68%CLE 80%@DET 63%@NE 83%NYJ 72%MIA 76%@CHI 58%@CIN 72%NE
Tampa Bay at DAL 53% 54% -130 -1.5 1% 0.81 3.7 53%@DAL 63%@NO 60%GB 53%KC 86%ATL 65%@PIT 72%@CAR 62%BAL 57%LAR 76%SEA (N) --bye 52%@CLE 71%NO 50%@SF 62%CIN 57%@ARI 80%CAR 80%@ATL
Green Bay at MIN 51% 55% -135 -2.5 1% 0.79 3.1 51%@MIN 75%CHI 40%@TB 63%NE 70%NYG (N) 78%NYJ 64%@WAS 34%@BUF 71%@DET 58%DAL 60%TEN 53%@PHI 67%@CHI --bye 52%LAR 54%@MIA 65%MIN 79%DET
Carolina vs. CLE 50% 50% -110 (Pick) 2% 0.76 0.0 50%CLE 48%@NYG 41%NO 38%ARI 30%SF 19%@LAR 28%TB 52%@ATL 23%@CIN 62%ATL 26%@BAL 33%DEN --bye 41%@SEA 45%PIT 56%DET 20%@TB 31%@NO
Cleveland at CAR 50% 50% -110 (Pick) 1% 0.78 1.0 50%@CAR 64%NYJ 53%PIT 60%@ATL 44%LAC 53%NE 38%@BAL 48%CIN --bye 52%@MIA 32%@BUF 48%TB 74%@HOU 45%@CIN 56%BAL 65%NO 62%@WAS 58%@PIT
Minnesota vs. GB 49% 45% +115 +2.5 0% 0.76 1.2 49%GB 40%@PHI 71%DET 52%NO (N) 67%CHI 44%@MIA --bye 53%ARI 54%@WAS 27%@BUF 48%DAL 53%NE 69%NYJ 62%@DET 50%IND 65%NYG 35%@GB 57%@CHI
Dallas vs. TB 47% 46% +110 +1.5 0% 0.74 3.7 47%TB 55%CIN 63%@NYG 71%WAS 39%@LAR 51%@PHI 77%DET 73%CHI --bye 42%@GB 52%@MIN 72%NYG 58%IND 82%HOU 67%@JAC 61%PHI 47%@TEN 61%@WAS
LA Rams vs. BUF 45% 46% +111 +2.5 2% 0.70 3.4 45%BUF 86%ATL 55%@ARI 48%@SF 61%DAL 81%CAR --bye 58%SF 43%@TB 65%ARI 60%@NO 41%@KC 78%SEA 64%LV 48%@GB 62%DEN 47%@LAC 70%@SEA
Arizona vs. KC 45% 40% +135 +3.0 0% 0.71 0.8 45%KC 45%@LV 45%LAR 62%@CAR 56%PHI 60%@SEA 60%NO 47%@MIN 69%SEA 35%@LAR 43%SF (N) 47%LAC --bye 55%NE 41%@DEN 43%TB 70%@ATL 38%@SF
New England at MIA 41% 44% +120 +3.0 1% 0.63 1.4 41%@MIA 51%@PIT 51%BAL 37%@GB 73%DET 47%@CLE 69%CHI 63%@NYJ 53%IND --bye 72%NYJ 47%@MIN 37%BUF 45%@ARI 43%@LV 50%CIN 56%MIA 28%@BUF
Jacksonville at WAS 36% 34% +175 +4.0 1% 0.57 0.0 36%@WAS 36%IND 23%@LAC 29%@PHI 63%HOU 27%@IND 50%NYG 29%DEN (N) 37%LV 19%@KC --bye 34%BAL 46%@DET 27%@TEN 33%DAL 45%@NYJ 52%@HOU 36%TEN
Las Vegas at LAC 36% 38% +150 +3.5 0% 0.56 0.8 36%@LAC 55%ARI 45%@TEN 53%DEN 34%@KC --bye 80%HOU 51%@NO 63%@JAC 54%IND 43%@DEN 61%@SEA 48%LAC 36%@LAR 57%NE 55%@PIT 49%SF 43%KC
Detroit vs. PHI 34% 35% +173 +4.0 0% 0.55 0.0 34%PHI 49%WAS 29%@MIN 51%SEA 27%@NE --bye 23%@DAL 37%MIA 29%GB 40%@CHI 39%@NYG 20%BUF 54%JAC 38%MIN 43%@NYJ 44%@CAR 50%CHI 21%@GB
Pittsburgh at CIN 33% 28% +230 +6.5 0% 0.57 0.5 33%@CIN 49%NE 47%@CLE 65%NYJ 21%@BUF 35%TB 38%@MIA 38%@PHI --bye 52%NO 42%CIN 35%@IND 62%@ATL 43%BAL 55%@CAR 45%LV 33%@BAL 42%CLE
NY Giants at TEN 33% 28% +236 +6.5 0% 0.59 0.4 33%@TEN 52%CAR 37%DAL 56%CHI 30%GB (N) 38%BAL 50%@JAC 46%@SEA --bye 67%HOU 61%DET 28%@DAL 53%WAS 43%PHI 43%@WAS 35%@MIN 40%IND 33%@PHI
Atlanta vs. NO 29% 32% +190 +5.0 0% 0.48 0.0 29%NO 14%@LAR 35%@SEA 40%CLE 14%@TB 24%SF 18%@CIN 48%CAR 23%LAC 38%@CAR 44%CHI 31%@WAS 38%PIT --bye 26%@NO 19%@BAL 30%ARI 20%TB
Seattle vs. DEN 29% 33% +188 +5.0 0% 0.50 0.4 29%DEN 21%@SF 65%ATL 49%@DET 35%@NO 40%ARI 23%@LAC 54%NYG 31%@ARI 24%TB (N) --bye 39%LV 22%@LAR 59%CAR 33%SF 19%@KC 58%NYJ 30%LAR
NY Jets vs. BAL 26% 30% +217 +6.0 0% 0.47 0.0 26%BAL 36%@CLE 32%CIN 35%@PIT 39%MIA 22%@GB 25%@DEN 37%NE 23%BUF --bye 28%@NE 52%CHI 31%@MIN 17%@BUF 57%DET 55%JAC 42%@SEA 31%@MIA
Chicago vs. SF 26% 29% +220 +6.5 0% 0.43 0.4 26%SF 25%@GB 66%HOU 44%@NYG 33%@MIN 52%WAS 31%@NE 27%@DAL 42%MIA 60%DET 56%@ATL 48%@NYJ 33%GB --bye 41%PHI 24%BUF 50%@DET 43%MIN
Houston vs. IND 19% 24% +280 +8.0 0% 0.36 0.0 19%IND 16%@DEN 34%@CHI 23%LAC 37%@JAC --bye 20%@LV 28%TEN 31%PHI 33%@NYG 41%WAS 23%@MIA 26%CLE 18%@DAL 19%KC 20%@TEN 48%JAC 20%@IND

Column Definitions:

  • TR Odds are the odds that a team wins its game this week, according to the TeamRankings computer prediction models. Note: The win odds shown in the Data Grid freeze when the main slate of games starts each week, so may differ from win odds show elsewhere on the site, which can update until kickoff of each game.
  • Market Odds are the odds that a team wins its game this week, according to the latest money lines.
  • If you're curious to see who the safest picks of the week are independent of helping you maximize expected winnings, just sort the table by TR Odds or Market Odds.
  • Money Line is the recent money line odds from a leading sports book. A money line is essentially the betting market's implied win odds for a team. The greater the negative number, the more likely the team is to win.
  • Spread is the recent spread from a leading sports book. It represents how many points the betting market expects a team will win by, except that negative is an expected win instead of an expected loss.
  • Popularity is a recent estimate of the percentage of people nationally who are picking the given team in their survivor pool entries this week. It's derived from data published by large survivor pool hosting sites.
  • Week X EV is a measure of how good a pick is independent of future value. In other words, if your survivor pool was in its last week, you'd want to pick the team with the highest Immediate EV. The Data Grid assumes a standard rules pool with 100 entries.
  • Future Value is a measure of what you're sacrificing if you burn the team in question; the higher the value, the higher the sacrifice compared to holding onto them for possible future use. Assessing future value is both art and science, and there is a decent amount of uncertainty baked into this effort especially early in the year. It typically takes several weeks to get a solid read on the relative performance levels of teams. The Data Grid assumes a standard rules pool with 100 entries.