Week 17 Survivor Pick Strategy & Advice (2022)

Week 17 for 2022 NFL survivor pools has us moving toward a New Year, but running low on team options.

The Jaguars and Trevor Lawrence will try to beat the Texans this time (Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire)

Week 17 has us just one week from the end of the regular season. The future is almost entirely now at this point, and lots of pools are close to ending, if they didn’t do so last week.

In these weekly columns, we explore strategies to maximize your edge in NFL survivor pools, also known as knockout pools or eliminator pools. We also provide some of the rationale behind picks potentially recommended by our product.

Here’s what’s available now:

Sunday 1/1

Week 17 Sunday Morning Pick Rates and Recommendations

Happy New Year, and may you have a rewarding 2023! Here’s where our pick recommendations are going as of 8:00 a.m. ET on Sunday afternoon.

The last five columns in the table show how our recommended picks vary by subscriber pool format/rules. The table shows every team with at least 1% public popularity and/or is drawing more than 0.1% of PoolGenius recommendations.

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