Survivor News and Notes for NFL Week 11 2020

Minnesota was the big survivor loss in Week 11. Also, Thanksgiving Week means three games on Thursday and maybe having to make some decisions sooner.

Week 11 Survivor News

The Green Bay Packers held on against Jacksonville (Photo by Larry Radloff/Icon Sportswire)

Here’s what our premium NFL Survivor Picks news and notes are covering for NFL Week 11:

  • Monday: Quick recap of Sunday action plus a reminder about Thanksgiving week.
  • Sunday: Why are we recommending some teams that do have good future value now? It has to do with the high expected value resulting from the public being heavily concentrated with Minnesota and the Chargers both at 30%+ popularity.
  • Friday: Teddy Bridgewater looks like he will be out for Carolina, while Taysom Hill is expected to be the starter for New Orleans. Both of these news reports have caused line movement that could have an impact on survivor pools.
  • Thursday: The Thursday Night game between Seattle and Arizona doesn’t have a big impact on survivor pools, but some line movements over the last day do. We break down which way some shifts have moved, and how and why that has changed some recommendations.
  • Wednesday: The Chargers are the popular public choice in Week 11, and we break down why our recommendations are largely avoiding them this week, and which options are rising to the top so far.
  • Tuesday: A recap of the Week 10 results including a summary of all teams where the public or our recommendations were at least 2% or higher in usage

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