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NCAA Tournament Upset Picks 2015 & Upset Predictions

NCAA Tournament Upset Picks

Our 2015 NCAA upset pick analysis shows you the higher-seeded teams most prone to a first round upset, as well as the most likely sleeper teams to emerge from the bottom of the tournament field.

More importantly, our exclusive Data Grid highlights teams that are undervalued and overvalued by the general public on a round-by-round basis. We rate every possible "team-to-round" pick (e.g. "Villanova to the championship game" or "West Virginia the Elite Eight") according to both risk and reward if correct. As a result, you can quickly calibrate your bracket to exploit picks that offer outstanding value.

Depending on the scoring system of your pool, the key to success may rest either in picking the most likely early-round NCAA upsets, or simply in avoiding highly overrated picks in the later rounds. Whatever your situation, we give you the objective data you need to make the best decisions.