NCAA Bracket Picks 2017

Our customized brackets and tools give you the best chance to win your NCAA bracket pool

The 2016 Tournament is over, but we'll be back next year!

We Give You The Maximum Edge

  • Multiple finishes in the top 1-2% of ESPN’s national bracket contest
  • Picks customized for your pool’s scoring system, size, and payout structure
  • Projections driven by the world’s top ratings systems plus Vegas odds
  • Comprehensive team data, stats, and matchup analysis tools

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Smart bracket pickers rely on because they know what we stand for: sophisticated, comprehensive, and unbiased bracket analysis. We've been the #1 source for data-driven bracket advice since 2000 -- 16 years and counting.

This is not the type of bracket advice you hear on sports radio. We deliver all of the substance with none of the hype, and everything we publish is grounded in hard data.

What You Get – Feature By Feature

  • Bracket picks customized for your pool
    You enter a few details about your bracket pool, and our algorithms generate ready-to-play, customized bracket sheets that give you the best chance to win. Simple as that. Only 2 minutes of effort required.
  • Build Your Own Bracket tool
    Like picking brackets on your own? No problem. Our bracket wizard will lead you through every tournament pick, and provide data-driven projections and key matchup stats for every game.
  • Round By Round Team Survival Odds
    The percentage chance for every NCAA team to make each round of the 2016 bracket, based on Vegas odds and top power ratings systems. Perfect for making smarter picks in bracket pools, team drafts, auctions, Calcuttas, and NCAA tournament survivor pools.
  • NCAA Tournament Data Grid
    Our signature data feature gives you all the information you need to evaluate the risk vs. reward tradeoff of any possible pick. Thinking of #2 Michigan State as your NCAA champion? We'll quantify the risk and the impact if you're right, compared to picking #1 Kansas.
  • Team vs. Team Matchup Analysis Tool
    Pick any two teams and we'll show you algorithmic predictions from multiple computer models, Vegas odds (if available), and the comprehensive matchup data: power ratings, efficiency stats, common opponents, travel distances, injuries, and lots more.
  • Expert Moderated Q&A Forum
    Got a question about our data or about bracket pool strategy in general? You'll have access to our exclusive, subscribers-only forum where the TeamRankings experts weigh in on any questions you may have.

Based On A Decade Of Research By Stanford Engineers

When we started from a Stanford dorm room in 2000, we were already applying the value-based concepts behind our 2016 bracket picks to generate outstanding long-term returns from bracket pools. We used lot of math and data to make our picks, but nothing like today.

Today, after 10+ years of research into bracket pool strategy, we use the power of technology to do what no human bracket picker can. As you read this, we have 20 computer servers at Amazon Web Services working fast and furious, performing millions of simulations of 2016 NCAA bracket contests like yours.

The results of these simulations identify specific opportunities to exploit the biases of your pool competitors, and craft the optimal picking strategy for your pool details. In the end, our simulation driven approach generates a 2-10x edge to win bracket pools compared to the average competitor.

Back to back winner two years running in a 30-person pool! You guys rock. I thoroughly enjoy the analysis.
Kevin S.
The subscription price is a bargain. I feel like I have an unfair advantage.
Scott C.
Three years ago I came in first place. Last year sixth and this year second.
Louis R.
The amount of research you guys do is amazing.
For the first time ever, I won our pool. My husband keeps asking me how I did it.
Rita D.