St Fran (PA) at Rob Morris: Box Score Simulation

Saturday Feb 29, 2020 1:00 pm - Moon, PA
Odds: Robert Morris by 1, Total Points: 142

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NOTE: This model has not been backtested for historical accuracy (which is why we do not include it on other prediction pages throughout the site). We publish it in large part to give an idea of stylistic trends that can be expected (fast/slow, one team dominating the boards and the other shooting a lot of threes, etc). To see our best prediction for the winner and final score of the game, please see the matchup overview page.

Box Score Projection

Scoring SFPA RMU
Points Subscribe to view
Total Points Subscribe to view
Points From 2-Pointers Subscribe to view
Points From 3-Pointers Subscribe to view
Points From Free Throws Subscribe to view
Shooting SFPA RMU
Field Goals Made Subscribe to view
Field Goals Attempted 59.6 60.8
Field Goal % 49.2% 47.7%
2 Pointers Made Subscribe to view
2 Pointers Attempted 39.5 39.8
2 Point Shooting % 55.1% 59.0%
3 Pointers Made Subscribe to view
3 Pointers Attempted 20.1 21.0
3 Point Shooting % 37.7% 26.4%
Free Throws Made Subscribe to view
Free Throws Attempted 21.2 19.2
Free Throw % 72.7% 68.6%
Ball Control SFPA RMU
Rebounds 34.6 34.3
Rebounds - Defensive 24.7 23.6
Rebounds - Offensive 9.9 10.7
Turnovers 12.1 12.2
Blocked Shots 1.5 2.9
Steals 5.3 5.4
Fouls 14.4 16.3

Playing Style Advantage: Subscribe to view

Expected Effect: +0.5 points
Our simulation model uses tempo-free statistics to project a detailed box score for this game. This analysis also indicates which team (if any) is expected to gain a relative advantage based on the specific matchup of paces and playing styles.

NOTE: Our simulation model assumes a neutral court setting.

Tempo-Free Projection

Possession Stats SFPA RMU
Total Possessions Subscribe to view
Effective Scoring Chances Subscribe to view
% of Possessions with SFPA RMU
2 Point Attempt 45.9% 46.2%
3 Point Attempt 23.3% 24.3%
Player Fouled 21.7% 19.2%
Turnover 16.2% 16.3%
Opponent Steal 7.1% 7.1%
Odds Per Shot Taken SFPA RMU
Shot Blocked 4.9% 2.5%
Offensive Rebound 29.6% 30.2%