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Predict Any Possible Series


Latest Series Win Odds

The win odds calculations below use the same power ratings calculations as the round-by-round survival odds. However, the win odds are updated after every game in the NBA Playoffs.

Round Series Status Series Win Odds
Conference Finals #1 Golden State vs. #2 San Antonio GSW 4-0 GSW Wins
Conference Finals #1 Boston vs. #2 Cleveland CLE 3-1 CLE 96.0%

Series Projections

The charts below show the predicted chance of each team winning a series in a specific number of games, as of the start of the series. A gray bar indicates that result is no longer possible. Above each chart are the current series win odds for each team.

Conference Finals

Round-by-round Survival Odds

The series odds table below lists the round-by-round survival odds for every team. Using win odds calculations derived from our power ratings and additional data (like betting market info), we analyze the likelihood and expected outcome of every possible NBA Playoffs series.

NOTE: This table is only updated before each round begins. It does not get updated on a daily, game-by-game basis.

Seed Team Region Quarter Semi Champ Win
W1 Golden State Western -- 100.00% 88.03% 70.37%
E2 Cleveland Eastern -- 100.00% 83.40% 22.55%
W2 San Antonio Western -- 100.00% 11.97% 5.81%
E1 Boston Eastern -- 62.23% 12.73% 1.03%
E4 Washington Eastern -- 37.77% 3.87% 0.24%