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Introducing Our 2015 NBA Playoff Predictions, Odds and Tools
A user's guide to our NBA playoffs features, including a matchup predictor, series win odds and expected length charts, and player vs. team matchup stats. Read more

NBA Preseason Rankings & Season Projections For 2014-15
With the NBA season starting next week, here are our official 2014-15 NBA preseason rankings, ratings, and end of season projections for all 30 teams. Read more

Happy Birthday, New Rankings: You're No Longer In Beta
Our "New Ratings" have been around for 3 years now, and they're ready for prime time. So we're making them the default ratings on team and matchup pages. Read more

NBA Preseason Rankings 2013: Evaluating Challengers To The Throne
With the NBA season tipping off tomorrow, it's time to unveil the 2013-14 NBA preseason rankings, and evaluate some teams that seem overrated and underrated. Read more

NBA Valentines 2013: There's No Better Way To Say "Yao Complete Me"
It's 5 pm on Valentine's Day. You forgot to buy your special someone a card. Fear not -- we're here to save you from the doghouse with our first ever NBA Valentines. They're 99% guaranteed to work. If they don't work, you will probably get slapped. Read more

2012-13 NBA Preseason Projections: Can The Lakers' Big Three Top LeBron James & Miami?
The NBA season is upon us, with the Cavs and Wizards tipping things off Tuesday evening, and the slightly more enticing Heat-Celtics and Lakers-Mavs matchups getting underway later that night. That means it's time to get our preseason projections up, before the word "preseason" is no longer accurate. Read more

Comparing Tim Duncan & Kevin Garnett? | TR on ESPN
So, have you heard? Tim Duncan hates Kevin Garnett. In light of that, and with the possibility of a Spurs-Celtics NBA Finals matchup looming, our Austin Link took a look at the careers of the two greats, to try to determine which player holds the edge. Read more

Will Andrew Bynum Surpass Dwight Howard? | TR on ESPN
If the Lakers want to have any shot at coming back from a 2-0 deficit to knock off the Oklahoma City Thunder, they'll need Andrew Bynum to step up and carry the load. Bynum has developed into one of the game's top young centers, but does his performance stack up to the truly elite NBA big men? And if not, will he ever get there? Read more

We Now Have Box Scores | Site Update
Last week we added a feature that's been on our to-do list for a long time: box scores for all the sports we cover. It's nothing groundbreaking, but it's a small step toward exposing as much information as possible. Each sport's box score includes a few pieces of valuable info you won't find in your typical ESPN report. Read more

Is LeBron James The Best Since Michael Jordan? More Data & ESPN Reaction
In an ESPN Insider article published Tuesday, TR's Austin Link laid out evidence in support of the claim that LeBron James is the best NBA player since Michael Jordan, despite LeBron's big fat zero in the most important statistic of all: championship rings. Reactions from commenters were mixed, but those of Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless weren't. Read more