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Football Pick’em Pool Picks 2022


Read our data-driven pick’em strategy tips.

Featured Articles

Pick’em Pool Strategy

How to Win NFL Playoffs Pick'em Pools

We break down some strategies for winning your NFL playoff pools, whether they involve pools that continue from the season or start fresh.

Pick'em Strategy Guide: How To Win Football Pick'em & Confidence Pools

Our strategy guide for winning football pick'em pools walks you through key topics and insights that maximize your edge.

Why You Should Play in More Football Pick’em Pools

Pick'em pools present a good value opportunity for those who are willing to enter them, for a lot of different reasons.

Why The Rules Of Your Pick'em Pool Should Influence Your Picks

If you want to win a pool, it's important to know all the different scoring rules. We go through some common ones.

Objective Win Odds: The Foundation For Winning Football Pick’em Contests

If you want to win pools, you have to pick winners correctly and have a solid plan to avoid just going with your gut.

Weekly vs. Season-Long Pools: How The Length Of Your Football Pick'em Impacts Strategy

Your strategy should be different depending on if you are in a weekly contest or one that goes all season.

Strategy For Pick'em Pools With Both Season and Weekly Prizes

Some pools give prizes for both season-long and weekly results. How do you decide which strategy to use in those kind of pools?

How Pool Size Impacts Optimal Pick Strategy In Football Pick'em Pools

Pool size can have a big impact on how you should make picks, and can also affect things like your likelihood of winning.

Endgame Strategy For Season Long Football Pick’em Pools

In season-long pools, you may need to adjust your strategy as the year goes on. We go through some key considerations.

Case Study: What Do Winning Football Pick’em Entries Actually Look Like?

We separate fact from fiction by looking at how our subscriber entries that finished first in pools performed through the season.

2021 Pick Analysis

2021-22 NFL Playoffs Pick'em Pool Picks Analysis, News and Strategy

Our pick'em recommendations for the 2022 NFL Championship Games for game winner and spread pools.

Week 18 Football Pick'em Strategy & Advice (2021)

The Week 18 Pick'em value picks include games where the teams have differing motivations and could choose to rest starters.

Week 17 Football Pick'em Strategy & Advice (2021)

The Week 17 Pick'em value picks include several key AFC games, including Miami at Tennessee and Kansas City vs. Cincinnati.

Week 16 Football Pick'em Strategy & Advice (2021)

The Week 16 Pick'em value picks will be published on Wednesday, after the conclusion of Tuesday night action in Week 15.

Week 15 Football Pick'em Strategy & Advice (2021)

The Week 15 Pick'em value picks include a value favorite in the NFC East and some close matchups where you can pick opposite the majority.

Week 14 Football Pick'em Strategy & Advice (2021)

The Week 14 Pick'em value picks include plenty of favorites where the public is more split than it should be.

Week 13 Football Pick'em Strategy & Advice (2021)

The Week 13 Pick'em value picks include a heavy dose of the NFC East, and lots of question marks about some favorites.

Week 12 Football Pick'em Strategy & Advice (2021)

The Week 12 Pick'em Pool outlook is a wild one, and it starts with three key games on Thanksgiving Day.

Week 11 Football Pick'em Strategy & Advice (2021)

The Week 11 picks kick off with a Thursday night game between the Patriots and Falcons, and there have been several other notable line moves this week that could impact your picks.

Week 10 Football Pick'em Strategy & Advice (2021)

The Week 10 value picks include several upset options as the public overreacts to last week's results, including the Saints versus the Titans.

Week 9 Football Pick'em Strategy & Advice (2021)

Aaron Rodgers being out for Week 9 has a big impact on the value picks, and we take a look at the value picks and close game performance so far.

Week 8 Football Pick'em Strategy & Advice (2021)

Week 8 kicks off with the Arizona-Green Bay matchup, while Indianapolis has moved into the favorite role against Tennessee.

Week 7 Football Pick'em Strategy & Advice (2021)

The Week 7 early value pick outlook is up, and it includes some NFC East teams in an underdog role, plus a road favorite against a backup QB.

Week 6 Football Pick'em Strategy & Advice (2021)

The news out of Arizona continues to potentially impact the Week 6 pick'em pool decisions, while college football gives us some Pac-12 value plays.

Week 5 Football Pick'em Strategy & Advice (2021)

The Falcons and Jets will kick the Week 5 Sunday schedule off early from London, and there are plenty of upset opportunities on the board.

Week 4 Football Pick'em Strategy & Advice (2021)

Week 4 kicks off with Cincinnati and Jacksonville, while the point spreads in several matchups on Sunday have tightened up a bit.

Week 3 Football Pick'em Strategy & Advice (2021)

Week 3 features a lot of quarterback injury news as you consider your football pool picks options.

Week 2 Football Pick'em Strategy & Advice (2021)

Week 2 is Overreaction Week, which presents lots of value opportunities for your pick'em pools if you can stay steady and calm.

Week 1 Football Pick'em Strategy & Advice (2021)

NFL Week 1 features a lot of close matchups, but in pick'em pools the public may be putting too much faith in last year's results.