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Football Pick'em Pool Picks 2015

Based on years of research, our picks make you up to 10 times more likely to win your NFL or college pick'em pool.

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Only $49 for the entire 2015 regular season, plus the 2015-16 NFL Playoffs. (College bowl games not included)


Fast Facts:

76% of our customer survey respondents won a prize in a football pick'em last year
Our NFL game winner picks beat the media experts average by 5.34 wins in 2014-15
We've spent over 5,000 hours on pick'em strategy research and engineering

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The smart pool players use TeamRankings.
Daryl Morey
General Manager, Houston Rockets
Co-founder, MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference
TeamRankings customer
Features Overview
  • Covers NFL, college, and combo pools
  • Get picks for all the pools you're in (no limit)
  • Supports game winner or spread based pools
  • Supports thousands of confidence pool formats
  • Optimizes picks for season or weekly prizes
  • Initial picks release every Tuesday
  • All picks delivered via TeamRankings web site
  • Data Grid shows win odds and pick popularity
  • Expert Q&A forum available for your questions
  • It only takes a few minutes to get picks!
How We Deliver An Edge
  • We've developed quantitative computer models that simulate one-week and season long football pick'em contests
  • These simulations not only forecast game results, but also project how all the players in each pool will make their picks
  • Running millions of pool simulations gives us a deep understanding of the best picking strategies in many different scenarios
  • Our system uses that research to customize recommended picks based on data you enter about your specific pool
  • Our algorithmic game predictions, which incorporate betting odds and thousands of objective stats, provide the foundation for our picks
  • Picks are then optimized for your pool's size, scoring system, payout structure, your position in the standings, and the number of weeks left
How It Works (3 Simple Steps)

Step 1

You enter a few details about your pool, such as its format, scoring system, and prize structure.

Step 2

Each week you specify the games included or available to pick, and tell us your standing in the pool.

Step 3

Our algorithms determine your best possible picks, and present them on screen in a simple format.

Our History & Track Record
  • Launched in 2000 from Stanford dorm room
  • Featured in ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Wall St. Journal, New York Times
  • 14 years experience building prediction models for NFL and college football
  • 10 years experience developing data-driven strategies for office pools
  • Started research and blogging about football pick'em picks in 2010
  • Won MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference NFL pick'em contest in 2011
  • Officially launched Football Pick'em Picks product in 2013
  • Last year, 76% of customer survey respondents won a prize in a pool
  • Thousands of paying subscribers, growing every year
We were the winners last year with your custom picks!
- Sue P.
I led from the first week through the whole season.
- Steve W.

Get Our 2015 Football Pick'em Picks »

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