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College Bowl Game Upset Predictions & Picks 2014-2015

This section will be updated for 2015-2016 bowls when matchups are announced in early December.

Sample of our bowl winner picks

About Our Bowl Winner Predictions

Our bowl game winner predictions are driven by computer models that analyze thousands of data points on every game.

We project all 39 bowl games with three independent math models we have designed, providing an official game winner pick and confidence odds for each team.

Whether you are in a bowl contest or looking for the most likely upset picks of the bowl season, our objective analysis helps you make educated decisions.

Upset Definitions

Minor upsets: The favorite is expected to win by less than seven points

Decent upsets: The favorite is expected to win by at least seven points, but less than fourteen points

Major upsets: The favorite is expected to win by fourteen points or more

Upsets not yet available. Please check back when lines are released.