Week 16 NFL Survivor Strategy: Back In The Saddle

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Welcome to the Week 16 installment of our NFL Survivor contest advice column. We apply a data-driven strategy to get an edge in Survivor pools, using analysis based on NFL predictions from our algorithmic Team Rankings models, public picking trends, future team schedules, and other data. This article presents our preliminary Survivor pick of the week; we publish our final, official pick on Fridays.

While the Miami Dolphins’ victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 15 advanced over half of Survivor contests on to Week 16, the next most popular team, the Detroit Lions, couldn’t manage a win in Arizona. Their loss knocked out around one fifth of the public.

Our pick, the New Orleans Saints, laid a 41-0 whipping on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. That ends our two-week losing streak and gets us back in black for the close of the regular season.

This week’s choice is probably obvious to those of you who have been following the blog all season, but let’s review the data before we make it official.

Week 16 NFL Survivor Decision Factors

This is the heart of our column, the table showing the factors that influence our weekly Survivor pick decision. For every team, here are the three questions we ask ourselves (and the data in our table that helps us answer them):

1. How likely are they to win? (consensus sportsbook Spread at -110 payout odds, Pinnacle Money Line, and TR Odds from our NFL win picks page)

2. How popular is this team? (Public Pick % from OfficeFootballPool)

3. Should I save this team for later? We’ve changed this section a bit since there is only one week left. We’re now listing an estimate for Week 17 Win% based on averaging several sources (our Survivor Tool, our NFL season projections, and projected spreads from SurvivorGrid.com), along with a column that indicates whether next week’s game actually Matters for each team. In some cases, the results of this week will determine whether next week matters, so we added our best guess, along with a question mark.

Teams are listed in order of how attractive we think they are as a choice this week. They’re also separated into rough tiers. If two teams are in the same tier, you may want to choose among them based on which pros and cons are more important to your particular situation.

TeamOpponentSpreadMoney LineTR OddsPick %Wk17 Win%Matters
Tier 1: Top Options
Green Bayvs Tennessee-12.5-630 / +52084%5.4%59%yes?
New Englandat Jacksonville-14.5-900 / +70482%11.9%85%yes?
Denvervs Cleveland-13.5-750 / +60487%9.8%95%yes?
Houstonvs Minnesota-7.5-350 / +30577%0.6%62%no?
Tier 2: Worth A Look
Washingtonat Philadelphia-5.5-255 / +21570%3.8%61%YES
Carolinavs Oakland-8.0-375 / +32677%43.8%34%NO
Indianapolisat Kansas City-6.5-283 / +25069%17.7%38%no?
Chicagoat Arizona-5.5-228 / +20466%1.9%54%YES
Miamivs Buffalo-4.0-202 / +18165%0.9%15%no?
Pittsburghvs Cincinnati-4.0-195 / +17565%0.8%69%yes?
Tampa Bayvs St Louis-3.0-155 / +14062%1.8%24%NO
Atlantaat Detroit-3.5-190 / +17163%0.9%76%no?
Tier 3: AVOID
Dallasvs New Orleans-2.5-139 / +12654%0.0%39%YES
NY Jetsvs San Diego-2.5-134 / +12153%0.1%49%NO
at BaltimoreNY Giants+2.5+120 / -13251%0.0%43%yes?
San Franciscoat Seattle-1.0-107 / +10449%0.1%87%no?
vs San DiegoNY Jets+2.5+121 / -13447%0.0%73%NO
NY Giantsat Baltimore-2.5-132 / +12049%0.0%82%YES

Teams We’ve Already Used (Final Official Picks): Houston Texans (WIN), Cincinnati Bengals (WIN), Dallas Cowboys (WIN), Green Bay Packers (WIN), San Francisco 49ers (WIN), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (WIN), Minnesota Vikings (WIN), Chicago Bears (WIN), Seattle Seahawks (WIN), Baltimore Ravens (WIN), Atlanta Falcons (WIN), New England Patriots (WIN), Detroit Lions (LOSS), Pittsburgh Steelers (LOSS), New Orleans Saints (WIN)

Previous Wednesday Preliminary Picks: Houston Texans (WIN), New York Giants (WIN), Chicago Bears (WIN), Green Bay Packers (WIN), San Francisco 49ers (WIN), Arizona Cardinals (LOSS), Minnesota Vikings (WIN), Chicago Bears (WIN), Seattle Seahawks (WIN), Baltimore Ravens (WIN), Atlanta Falcons (WIN), New England Patriots (WIN), Denver Broncos (WIN), Cleveland Browns (WIN), New Orleans Saints (WIN)

Weighing the Options

New England Patriots (at Jacksonville Jaguars)
Denver Broncos (vs. Cleveland Browns)
Green Bay Packers (vs. Tennessee Titans)
These three teams are well ahead of the rest of the pack this week in terms of safety, with all having Pinnacle money lines of at least -630/+520 and TR win odds of at least 82%. The betting market ranks them from safest to riskiest as New England, Denver, Green Bay; our models order them Denver, Green Bay, New England. None of them are popular enough to raise big red flags, but Green Bay does have a slight advantage there, being picked by only 5% of the public compared to 10%-12% for the other two. The main differentiator here is that the Patriots (vs MIA) and Broncos (vs KC) have much easier Week 17 games than the Packers (@ MIN). All three teams may have something to play for next week, but it’s not certain. Green Bay is the best pick of the three due to their lower future value, but any one makes a good play, unless you have only absolute junk left in Week 17.

Carolina Panthers (vs. Oakland Raiders)
Houston Texans (vs. Minnesota Vikings)
The next safest tier consists of two teams with money lines in the -350 range, and TR win odds of about 77%. Houston would have a borderline playable matchup in Week 17 (@ IND), except they will likely have nothing to play for, so there’s not much value in saving them. The main difference between these two teams is that under 1% of the public are picking the Texans, but roughly 44% are picking the Panthers. That makes Houston the clearly better choice, and the Texans sneak into Tier 1 in our table. Despite their popularity, the Panthers aren’t a terrible choice either, mostly because the next safest teams either have some future value (WAS) or are somewhat popular themselves (IND).

Indianapolis Colts (at Kansas City Chiefs)
Washington Redskins (at Philadelphia Eagles)
Oh boy, road teams! We know how much everybody loves those. Still, these are the next safest pair of teams, with money lines of -283 (IND) and -255 (WAS), and TR win odds of 69% (IND) and 70% (WAS). While Washington may be ever so slightly riskier according to the betting markets, and do have a borderline playable game in Week 17 (vs DAL), the Redskins are the better play this week due to the moderate popularity of the Colts (18%).

Chicago Bears (at Arizona Cardinals)
Miami Dolphins (vs. Buffalo Bills)
Pittsburgh Steelers (vs. Cincinnati Bengals)
Atlanta Falcons (at Detroit Lions)
Here we come to a group of teams with money lines between -195 and -225, and TR win odds from 63% to 66%. None are popular with the public (2% or lower pick rate for all 4). Pittsburgh (vs CLE) and Atlanta (vs TB) are borderline playable options in Week 17, but it’s not a sure thing that their games will matter. Still, the possibility of future value for the Steelers and Falcons is enough to make the Bears and Dolphins the better picks out of this group.

Tampa Bay (vs. St. Louis)
Pittsburgh Steelers (vs. Cincinnati Bengals)
Atlanta Falcons (at Detroit Lions)
There’s not a lot to say about this next tier of favorites. All are getting into very risky territory, none are very popular, and only San Diego may have some future value. Hopefully you don’t have to dip this low.

You might notice that we’ve included a couple underdogs in the table this week. That’s because there are a couple favorites (San Francisco and the New York Giants) that are very close to toss ups, plus may have considerable value in Week 17. In those cases, assuming you would actually need the 49ers or Giants next week, it’s probably better to take a slight underdog with no future value (we’d suggest the Ravens or Chargers) than to burn SF or NYG on a near coin flip.

Preliminary Week 16 NFL Survivor Pick: Denver Broncos Over Cleveland Browns

This week is a fairly easy choice for the official blog pick. We’ve got only one Tier 1 team remaining, and that’s the Denver Broncos.

It’s true that the Broncos have a very easy matchup in Week 17. However, there’s no guarantee that they’ll have anything left to play for next week, and we should have some reasonable alternatives (NYG, SD, TEN) that won’t be as popular as this week’s second option (CAR).

We’ll opt for taking Denver now and a riskier (but unpopular) team in Week 17, rather than taking the riskier and very popular Carolina now in order to save Denver for Week 17.

Our preliminary Week 16 NFL Survivor pick is the Denver Broncos over the Cleveland Browns.

Advice For Smaller Survivor Pools

At this point, with only one week left, you have to assume your pool will last the rest of the season, so there’s very little difference in strategy between large and small pools.

The main thing to keep in mind in smaller pools is that the public pick percentages we listed in the table probably won’t hold once you’re down under 20 people or so. In addition, your pick makes up a sizeable chunk of the pick rate, so it’s tough to pick a truly unpopular team.

Pools With 3-8 People — In very small pools this week, the least popular out of the Packers, Patriots, or Broncos is probably your best option. If you’ve got none of the above available, then working your way down from safest to riskiest (by money line) and taking the first unpopular team (only 1 or 0 people picking them) may work.

Head-to-Head Pools — The pick percentages heads up will always be 50% or 100%. It’s impossible for you to pick an unpopular team, because you are half the pool. And future value means very little, as the season will be over next week. In these cases, safety becomes the number one priority. So in head-to-head pools, we generally recommend taking the biggest favorite you have available, with future value only playing a role when there are multiple good options. This week, there are indeed multiple good options. Green Bay is the best pick out of the safest three teams because of their lack of future value.  After the Packers, we’d suggest the Patriots or the Broncos. If you don’t have any of the three available, follow our 3-8 Person advice and work your way down from safest to riskiest, picking the first team you have available, and making only minor adjustments for Week 17 value.

As always, feel free to ask questions about your specific situation in the comments section. However, please note that the volume has gotten high enough that we can’t commit to giving everyone a detailed answer. But we’re doing our best and can make it work if we all follow a few guidelines:

  • First, please read the “Advice For Smaller Pools” section and see if that answers your question.
  • A lot can change between now and Friday, when we publish our finalized pick. So if your pick isn’t due until Friday or the weekend, please hold off asking questions until Friday.
  • If you do need advice now, and you’re in a small pool, be sure to include information about pool size, who you have available, and who you think your opponents will choose, as those are the key factors in small pools.
  • If you’re in a large pool, please include info on why you think your pool is different than the generic Yahoo! and OFP pools.
  • Bob

    Hi David,

    Thanks again for all your advice and great insight this year! I’m down to a pool with 3 people and I’m the only one with Denver left, so figured I’d take them this week. However, I’m debating week 17 between holding onto Denver or taking another team I am the only one that has left – Seattle (home against St. Louis). I’m a little worried about Seattle having a letdown after the big game against SF this week. Given the two options, which do you like more: Wk 16 – Den, Wk 17 – Seattle OR Wk 16 – Carolina, Wk 17 Den?

    I’m leaning towards option 1 as I’ve had it slated all year, but just like to hear a 2nd opinion! Thanks and Happy Holidays!!

  • jmike

    Dave, thanks for the Saints last week. Clutch pick. Did you see where the guy who said how wrong you were on that pick was wrong on ALL 7 of the picks he mentioned last week? Talk about a reverse Rain Man. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

  • AL

    David: I’m still in the pool thanks to following some of the logic in this column, but also selecting other picks when the TR selection just does not “feel” right.

    But you base your selection on the money line (how likely are they to win) and how popular that selection is. You then hope that the more popular selection loses in an upset, knocking out a good portion of the pool. But doesn’t that assumption really work if all teams (regardless of the spread) have the same likelihood of losing via an upset.

    For instance, Team A is 10 point favorite, while Team B is 6 point favorite. If the majority of the pool is selecting Team A, I would guess TR would recommend Team B and hope for the upset.

    My question is, do you ever factor in historical trends. For instance, Teams that are favorite by 10+ points win X percent of the time, while Teams that are favorite by 6
    points win only Y percent of the time?

  • ghengis

    Hi David,

    You have already used Denver for the preliminary Wednesday picks (Week 13) – are you skipping over your Wednesday pick and only picking your Friday pick?


  • Ben

    I am in a pool with 31 people left and you must pick THREE (Yes, 3) both week 16 and 17. I have the following teams left: az, car, jax, kc, min, nyg, phl, stl, tb, tenn, was.

    This week, I am taking Carolina, Washington, and TB/St. Louis.
    Next week, I save NYG, Tenn, and Minnesota/TB.

    My thinking is to take St. Louis this week over TB more for my future value of TB next week against a Falcons team who has home field advantage CLINCHED versus a Minnesota team who may be playing for Adrian Peterson rather than the playoffs.

    Either way, I like 5 of my picks and want the options for 6. Like my thinking? Any help tips?

  • Frank_Elways

    who are the other people likely to take next week? If they have dog meat left in 17, I wouldn’t feel bad picking CAR (assuming that’s who they are taking). But if they have PIT or NYG, may as well go for the win this week.

  • Frank_Elways

    Hi David, I have a tough call this week. Background: 4 left,I have two, double picks, no split pots until the Super Bowl (ties survive).

    First guy:
    16.NE/INDY >>17.SF/PIT, outside shot he goes DC/INDY>>SF/NE

    Second guy
    6.NE/DEN>>17.PIT/TEN, but he might go NE/CAR>>>PIT/DEN

    My first team will be
    16.NE/CAR>>17. 2 of PIT/NYG/SD

    My question is with my second team, should I go INDY and save DEN, as follows:

    Simple math terms, using current money lines, I go from a 63% to 54% of having all three teams win if I use INDY. But next week my win odds will go up accordingly. And Indy’s money line has been trending in the right direction (from -250 to -290)

    Very close call for me. Who U got?

  • Greg

    4 teams left. I have 0 strikes. 3 teams have 2 strikes each. I can pick from this group: New England, Washington, Carolina, and Indianapolis. 1 team can pick from this group: New England and Carolina The other 2 teams can pick from Washington, Carolina, and Indianapolis (and these 2 teams usually pick the most popular pick which will be CAR or IND). What to do? I would like to save New England for next week if possible.

  • Chris

    Down to 3. I’ve used all the good teams. Have Pit/Nyg for week 17.

    One opponent has Denver, the other has New England left. My options this week are Carolina, Indy, Wash.

    I’d assume they’ll each take their good team this week. If I knew they would, I’d easily be on Carolina.

    However there’s a chance they each decide to save their good team for week 17. If that’s the case, even if only 1 of them decides to save their team for week 17, I think I’d rather be on the Colts.

    If they don’t save for 17, their likely good options then are Seattle for both, and one has Pit and the other has Nyg.

    Probably just going to keep it simple and take the Panthers.

  • Sam

    I just wanted to say that the survival pool im in goes to the playoffs if there is a tie so i cant use ANY of the playoff teams. Ive only used seattle and cincy (but havent taken pittsburgh) is it worth it to use carolina this week to make it or should i burn a playoff team this week?

  • Bob

    Both have NYG left…so if we make it to week 17, I’m probably hoping for a 3-way tie… (which might just be the strategy anyways as we started with 150)

  • Frank_Elways

    I “think” the following is correct: If the niners win this week, then Seattle will likely have to win in 17 to make the playoffs. even so, they have a late game week 17, so they may know their fate before kickoff. And if they beat the Niners, then they are locked into the 5th spot and will take 17 off. Giants will probably still have a shot even if they lose this week, and will play hard in their morning game. (albiet, philly would love to spoil.)

    Your road to a tie is pretty clear CAR>>DEN. It would definitely be a risk relying on Seattle and a not very great bet that CAR loses to Oakland flying across the country to play at 10 am.

  • Frank_Elways


  • Kristen Mendoza

    Hi there. My pool is down to me and one other individual. I have New England left and my opponent doesnt. He has San Francisco left and I am pretty sure he’s saving them for week 17. Neither of us have any good teams left. Should I save New England for next week and consider picking Indianapolis (he has already used them) or go ahead and use New England?

  • Frank_Elways

    Who do you think he has for this week? If he has no one left in the top two tiers above, I’d go for the win this week with NE.

  • Plainview

    8 people left in my pool. Best options I have left for this week are CAR, IND, WASH, PITT. Here’s the breakdown of what the competition can take this week:

    -No one has GB, NE, or HOU available

    -1 person has DEN left and 1 person has ATL left

    -6 people have IND left and 4 people have PITT left

    -No one has picked CAR or WASH thus far (all 8 people left can pick them)

    I would like to decide between CAR/IND/WASH for this week. I’d like to have PITT as an option for week 17 at home against the Browns, as it could be a must win to get them into the playoffs if they can beat the Bengals at home this week.

    I am guessing the pick distribution will be all over the place since 8 people can pick CAR, 8 people can pick WASH, 6 people can pick IND, and 1 person each still have DEN & ATL left.

    I have been thinking 1) CAR 2) IND 3) WASH but it’s so close. I only put CAR first because they are at home. I always prefer home team over road team. However, IND is actually paired up against the worst team of the 3, KC couldn’t even score a point on OAK last week. WASH would probably be my third choice because of the uncertainty with RGIII and the fact that it’s a division rivalry. I’m really not sure though since they are all so close!

    David, based on the specific situation for my pool who would you advise taking this week? Also, would appreciate any others opinions as well. Thanks!

  • Kristen Mendoza

    He has Washington, Carolina, and Pittsburgh available from tier 2 and nibody left in tier 1. From tier 2 I have everyone available except Atlanta, Chicago and Pittsburgh.

  • Bob

    What about this idea (since probably both others will be on CAR this week) – Wk 16 – Indianapolis, Wk 17 – Denver? Going against KC in last two weeks a good idea?

  • Frank_Elways

    I’m struggling with a similar decision. See above.

  • Frank_Elways

    So he will take CAR>>SF

    I think your decision depends on who you have left for 17 if you don’t save NE.

  • Ron Burgundy

    Me and another guy left. He has NE and is using them this week. Plans on tentatively using Steelers in week 17. My best available this week are: Carolina, Indianapolis, Washington. I have the Giants and Steelers left for week 17. Do you like Carolina or Indianapolis more???? Gotta survive this week….

  • Joe


    Thanks for all the guidance.

    I have three people left. Two people, including me, can pick Indi. Everyone can pick Washington and Carolina. Do you think it’s worth taking Indi, or do you feel that Carolina is such a lock that it’s not worth the risk to take Indi since the other guys will probably take Carolina.

  • Mark

    Hi David – thanks for all the help so far. There are still just 2 of us left.



    I’m guessing they will take Week 16 CAR possible WAS or TAM & Week 17 SFO

    I’m leaning for Week 16 DEN and then Week 17 PIT or WAS or NOR but I could take Week 16 CAR and then Week 17 DEN.

    What do you suggest and why?

  • CJP

    Bob and Frank, note that even if Seattle beats SF this week, assuming the Giants beat Baltimore, then if Seattle were to lose week 17 they would likely fall into the 6th playoff spot and have to play @ GB or @ SF in wildcard. if they win week 17 they would play @ WAS or @ DAL. still a strong possibility they will not be resting 17 as those are big differences in terms of desired opponents. I am in same boat as you with DEN and SEA left and think I am sticking with DEN but certainly is a tough choice as could take WAS this week to go for the win or sat with the pack on CAR for split. (dont have colts left)

  • http://www.teamrankings.com/ David Hess

    By my math, the expected value of those two paths is about the same, once I try to take into account projected win odds (including an adjustment for whether a game will matter) and opponent picks for this week and next. The main difference is that DEN–>SEA results in a tie about 50% of the time, while CAR–>DEN results in a tie about 80% of the time. Given there is not much difference in value, I’d go CAR this week if it’s a huge pool where I want to make sure to get some chunk of the pot, or DEN if it’s a small pool where I’ll really only be excited with a scoop.

  • http://www.teamrankings.com/ David Hess

    That ought to decrease your expected value (IND lower odds than CAR this week) with no benefit in Week 17.

  • http://www.teamrankings.com/ David Hess

    I suggest CAR–>DEN because the drop from DEN to CAR this week seems smaller than the drop from DEN to WAS/PIT/NO next week.

  • http://www.teamrankings.com/ David Hess

    There is no such thing as a lock.

    If both guys take CAR, then IND maximizes your expected value. However, it will also increase your variance (greater odds of win/loss, lower odds of splitting the pot).

    If only one guy takes CAR and the other IND, then CAR maximizes your expected value, with not much difference in variance between CAR & IND.

    So if it’s a large pool where you really want a chunk, I’d go CAR. If you’re more concerned with long term expected value, I’d go IND.

  • http://www.teamrankings.com/ David Hess

    CAR has a nigher money line and TR win odds.

  • http://www.teamrankings.com/ David Hess

    No idea what the pick tendencies of your opponents are, so I’d assume your opponents will pick somewhat similarly to Yahoo, and WAS will be the least popular out of WAS/IND/CAR. In that case, WAS will maximize your long term expected value, but CAR will minimize your variance.

  • http://www.teamrankings.com/ David Hess

    Yes, Frank is right. Depends on who you have for Week 17.

  • http://www.teamrankings.com/ David Hess

    Not many details here, but I would guess CAR.

  • http://www.teamrankings.com/ David Hess

    Even if your opponent picks are, say, NE/CAR, picking IND is not that much of an EV edge over picking CAR. Given that CAR is clearly better if they end up on NE/DEN, I think I’d go CAR.

  • http://www.teamrankings.com/ David Hess

    Seems like the odds to make it through the next 2 weeks with either option are roughly equal. So, I’d make the decision based on opponent picks & saving playoff teams.

    Opponent picks: Seems like there is a guarantee the first guy will take IND this week … however that’s cancelled out by the likelihood of the second guy having DEN this week, then TEN next.

    Playoff teams: IND is a likely playoff team, TEN isn’t, so slight edge to DEN/CAR>>PIT/TEN here. (Sure, it’s unlikely IND will be favored, but who knows … maybe you’ll be forced to use them, and having an option is better than having none at all)

    Seems like your choices this week are fairly even in terms of the numbers. However, I do see one quirk — if you go with CAR/DEN you are more likely to end up in a playoff shootout with Second Guy (as IND may lose this week to knock out #1, then you & #2 are both on the same teams next week). If you go CAR/INDY you are more likely to end in a playoff shootout with First Guy (as DEN may lose this week OR TEN may lose next week to knock out #2. … So, if one of those guys has stronger playoff teams than the other, I would try to pick differently than that person now, and hope they lose before the playoffs.

  • http://www.teamrankings.com/ David Hess

    So it’s basically TB->MIN or STL–>TB?

    Since TB has higher win odds than STL this week, and MIN has higher projected win odds than TB next week, I’d go TB–>MIN

  • http://www.teamrankings.com/ David Hess

    Wednesday is just our early post to go over options, hence the word “preliminary” in the section header. Our official pick has been the Friday one, all year.

    Not sure why this matters, though, as we go over all the options in the discussion, and rank the teams in the table…

  • http://www.teamrankings.com/ David Hess

    We don’t directly do what you suggest (try to convert spreads into win odds). We just use the money line directly, which is actually designed to represent win odds, rather than going through the intermediate spread.

    And of course we take win odds into account. Otherwise we’d be suggesting you take the Rams this week because OOH NOBODY PICKED THEM!

    “But doesn’t that assumption really work if all teams (regardless of the spread) have the same likelihood of losing via an upset.”

    I don’t know what “assumption” you’re talking about here. But it’s a fact (not an assumption) that the expected value of a pick depends on BOTH the win odds AND the pick%. Your prize depends on your survival rate AND the survival rates of your opponents.

  • http://www.teamrankings.com/ David Hess

    Nope, hadn’t noticed that. I did notice he came back to the thread to congratulate me on the NO pick, which was classy.

  • Frank_Elways

    So we get a clean slate for the playoffs. Which makes this weeks decision basically a coin flip, huh?

    Do you see any advantage in going DC/Indy just to avoid a Terrell Pryor-led upset of BOTH my teams? seems like a lot of win % sacrifice just for the stupid raiders.


  • http://www.teamrankings.com/ David Hess

    Oh, makes sense that the playoffs start over. I should have guessed that from all the picks of DEN, NE, etc.

    Yeah, splitting onto four teams makes it pretty dicey that you’ll make it through unscathed. I think I would roll the dice with CAR.

  • Frank_Elways

    Not exactly fair. He correctly advised people to take Miami rather than Detroit, which would have saved about 25% of the people who got knocked out last week.

  • jmike

    Sorry. So he was 1 for 8. And one of the reasons he didn’t like Detroit was because they had knocked him out of two of his pools two weeks before. Just saying….

  • Frank_Elways

    Meh…, he saved my ass.

  • Tyler

    Hey Dave,

    It’s down to me and one other guy, and he still has the Patriots left, so I’m going to go ahead and assume he takes them this week. I’m still stuck between using the Texans or the Panthers, as those are my only good options. What would you say is the best decision?

  • Kristen Mendoza

    If I were to use New England this week, I would have the NY Giants, Tennesse, San Diego, Washington, New Orleans for week 17