QB Performance Plots For NFL Week 6: Peyton Makes His Mark

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Aaron Rodgers threw 6 touchdowns, no interceptions, and 338 passing yards to lead all quarterbacks this past week with a passer rating of 133.8.

Peyton Manning also turned in a fantastic performance leading his team to an epic come from behind victory over the Chargers on Monday night. Manning threw for 309 yards and averaged 10.3 yards per attempt along with 3 touchdowns to only 1 interception. Perhaps most impressive of all is that he completed 24 of his 30 pass attempts for a completion percentage of 80%.

One other interesting aspect of the graph is how similar the performances of Josh Freeman and Russell Wilson where this past week. Their passer ratings were similar, 124.7 and 133.7, but there are many different ways to achieve similar passer ratings. They did it with remarkably similar stat lines this week.

Some of the week’s worst performances were Andrew Luck, Brady Quinn, Philip Rivers (and his 4 interceptions), and, surprisingly, Alex Smith. Smith’s passer rating in week 6 was 43.1 (worst of all quarterbacks with at least 20 attempts) which is a drop of over 100 points from his week 5 passer rating of 156.2 when he led all quarterbacks.



  • Superhotpepperz

    It’s true that Aaron Rogers and Peyton Manning stood out that week. The question I have is, will P. Manning be able to continue to impress this season. I certainly hope so, which will make it that much sweeter for him since he’s coming back from a lost season due to neck surgeries – and he had to change teams. Wouldn’t it be something if he really shines this season while Andrew Luck continues to struggle? Not that I’m wishing anything bad on A. Luck, but it would be poetic justice if that were to happen because I think the Colts owner, Jim Irsay, was entirely too fixated on the dollars and less so on the sense – pun intended.

  • http://twitter.com/StatsInTheWild SITW

    After an up and down start for Peyton Manning, it looks like he’s starting to string together impressive performances. In the past three weeks his passer ratings have been 130.0, 115.4, and 129.0 for weeks 4-6, respectively. So, it looks like his good performance last week is more a continuation of a trend than an anomalous week. Barring injury, which is a real possibility given his history, I see no reason why Peyton shouldn’t continue to impress.