The 2012 Stat Geek Selection Committee Mock Bracket: The Brain Trust Speaks

Invited members of the media met Thursday and Friday in Indianapolis to simulate the duties of the NCAA selection committee. While the bracket they came up with is reasonable, it suffers from a fatal flaw — the RPI plays a huge role in the process.

To try to improve on their efforts, we gathered a dozen numbers-oriented bloggers for a rival Stat Geek Selection Committee (we outlined the details Thursday).

We finished our voting and consensus building today, and the result is this 2012 NCAA Tournament mock bracket, which uses the exact same simulated conference tournament winners as those from the media bracket to allow for a more direct comparison.

2012 Stat Geek Selection Committee Mock Bracket

(click to enlarge)

Later this holiday weekend, we’ll post detailed analysis of this bracket, and compare it to the media’s bracket. But for now, we just wanted to release this puppy into the wild.

If you’ve got questions about our bracket, feel free to ask them in the comment section below, or Tweet at any of the committee members directly:

Stat Geek Mock Selection Committee Members

Drew Cannon of Basketball Prospectus (@DrewCannon1)
Andy Cox of Crashing The Dance (@crashthedance)
David Hess of TeamRankings (@AudacityOfHoops)
Evan Jacoby of Rush The Court (@evanjacoby)
Monte McNair
 of Outside the Hashes (@OTH_blog)
CJ Moore
 of Need I Say Moore? and Basketball Prospectus (@cjmoore4)
Daniel M
 of D Stats (@DSMok1)
Michael Portscheller
 of Big Ten Geeks (@bigtengeeks)
Corey Schmidt
 of Basketball Prospectus (@cjscmhidt1)
John Templon
 of Big Apple Buckets (@nybuckets)
Nathan Walker
 of The Basketball Distribution (@bbstats)