More Data, Please: NBA Dollars Per Win Share

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In an article published on ESPN Insider about Chris Bosh’s value to the Heat, I reference the amount of money paid per Win Share in the 2010-11 season to the NBA players with the 30 most lucrative contracts. Here’s a table that lists the relevant data for all 30 players.

RankPlayerWin SharesSalary$Million per WS
1LeBron James15.6$14.5M0.93
2Chris Paul13.9$14.9M1.07
3Dwyane Wade12.8$14.1M1.11
4Dwight Howard14.4$16.5M1.15
5Paul Pierce11.6$13.8M1.20
6Pau Gasol14.7$17.8M1.21
7Chris Bosh10.3$14.5M1.41
8Dirk Nowitzki11.1$17.3M1.56
9Zach Randolph10.5$17.3M1.65
10Elton Brand9.4$16.0M1.70
11Deron Williams7.3$14.9M2.04
12Jason Richardson7.0$14.4M2.06
13Amare Stoudemire8.0$16.5M2.06
14Kevin Garnett9.0$18.8M2.09
15Andrew Bynum6.6$13.8M2.09
16Carmelo Anthony7.9$17.1M2.16
17Kobe Bryant10.3$24.8M2.41
18Tim Duncan7.7$18.6M2.43
19Rudy Gay5.5$13.6M2.47
20Carlos Boozer5.8$14.4M2.48
21Joe Johnson4.2$16.3M3.88
22Andrei Kirilenko4.5$17.8M3.96
23Vince Carter3.8$17.3M4.55
24Kenyon Martin2.7$16.0M5.93
25Brandon Roy2.1$13.5M6.43
26Rashard Lewis3.0$20.5M6.83
27Peja Stojakovic1.6$14.9M9.31
28Gilbert Arenas0.6$17.6M29.50
29Yao Ming0.3$17.6M59.00
30Michael Redd0.1$18.3M183.00

  • Ed

    While Bosh may be a star and a rightful member of “The Big 3”, lets not put too much stock in a stat where Dirk Nowitski is only 8% better than Chris Bosh.  These statistical ratios are largely bull shit.

  • Guest

    only a little better?. Dirk is miles ahead of bosh

  • Austin Link

    I definitely see your concern about Nowitzki being undervalued, but over the course of regular season it’s not clear that he was much better than Bosh.  He did play well during the postseason, but like Bosh he also has an elite roster that he plays with.  It’s not a perfect ordering of players, but Win Shares does an extremely good job of separating the great from the good from the above average all in one simple and meaningful number.