More Data, Please: NBA Dollars Per Win Share

In an article published on ESPN Insider about Chris Bosh’s value to the Heat, I reference the amount of money paid per Win Share in the 2010-11 season to the NBA players with the 30 most lucrative contracts. Here’s a table that lists the relevant data for all 30 players.

RankPlayerWin SharesSalary$Million per WS
1LeBron James15.6$14.5M0.93
2Chris Paul13.9$14.9M1.07
3Dwyane Wade12.8$14.1M1.11
4Dwight Howard14.4$16.5M1.15
5Paul Pierce11.6$13.8M1.20
6Pau Gasol14.7$17.8M1.21
7Chris Bosh10.3$14.5M1.41
8Dirk Nowitzki11.1$17.3M1.56
9Zach Randolph10.5$17.3M1.65
10Elton Brand9.4$16.0M1.70
11Deron Williams7.3$14.9M2.04
12Jason Richardson7.0$14.4M2.06
13Amare Stoudemire8.0$16.5M2.06
14Kevin Garnett9.0$18.8M2.09
15Andrew Bynum6.6$13.8M2.09
16Carmelo Anthony7.9$17.1M2.16
17Kobe Bryant10.3$24.8M2.41
18Tim Duncan7.7$18.6M2.43
19Rudy Gay5.5$13.6M2.47
20Carlos Boozer5.8$14.4M2.48
21Joe Johnson4.2$16.3M3.88
22Andrei Kirilenko4.5$17.8M3.96
23Vince Carter3.8$17.3M4.55
24Kenyon Martin2.7$16.0M5.93
25Brandon Roy2.1$13.5M6.43
26Rashard Lewis3.0$20.5M6.83
27Peja Stojakovic1.6$14.9M9.31
28Gilbert Arenas0.6$17.6M29.50
29Yao Ming0.3$17.6M59.00
30Michael Redd0.1$18.3M183.00