Comparing Tim Duncan & Kevin Garnett? | TR on ESPN

So, have you heard? Tim Duncan hates Kevin Garnett.

In light of that, and with the possibility of a Spurs-Celtics NBA Finals matchup looming, our Austin Link took a look at the careers of the two greats, to try to determine which player holds the edge.

Here’s an excerpt from the full story over at ESPN Insider:

Twenty-four days apart in the spring of 1976, two of the greatest NBA players of their generation were born. Baby Tim Duncan and baby Kevin Garnett both grew to a full 6-foot-11 without shoes. In addition, they each developed enough basketball skills to contend for the title of Greatest Power Forward of All Time.

Given the differences in surrounding talent and resulting disparity in postseason success, comparing the careers of Duncan and Garnett is a rather difficult task. Their similar ages, skills and places in NBA history make it a necessary one, though, especially since the two stand a chance of facing off in this year’s NBA Finals.