College Bowl Prediction Tools Launched

It’s now Day 4 of our 12 days of Bowlsmas, which means we’re rolling out more college football bowl related features.

Today’s treats are our user-customizable bowl prediction tools: Win Predictor, ATS Predictor, Over Under Predictor, and Game Predictor. These tools allow you to create your own statistically-driven prediction strategy, and with the click of a button, apply your prediction strategy to all of the 2009-10 college bowl games.

We’ve found that everyone has a theory for what it takes to win college football games. Some say defense wins championships, other say that passing efficiency and stopping the run are all the matter. So we built our Predictor series of tools to let users see what a data-driven prediction model based on their theories would forecast.

Whether you’re in a college bowl pick’em contest, planning on betting some of the bowl games, or just curious to see how different prediction approaches would forecast each game, our college bowl prediction tools offer a quick and easy way to do unbiased game research.

College Bowl Winner Predictor
College Bowl Game Predictor
College Bowls ATS Predictor
College Bowls Over Under Predictor