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2012 Women’s NCAA Tournament Odds

Most of the interest on this site and in the sporting world this week has been focused on the Men’s college basketball tournament.  With our Bracket Odds, Matchup Predictor, Bracket Builder and hundreds of pre-picked brackets we have loads of tools and analysis to help build a winner this March.

All of the rankings and simulations can be applied to the women’s side of things as well.  With the women’s tournament seeding announced today, we ran the rankings and then calculated each school’s round by round odds of success.

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Margo Dydek: A Farewell To The Tallest Basketball Player Ever

A few weeks ago on May 27th former WNBA #1 overall draft pick Margo Dydek passed away from a heart attack. It was a tragic death for many reasons, including the fact that she was just 37 years old. Although her name may not be familiar to average sports fans Margo was one of the most unique basketball players of all time.

She was picked first in 1998, and despite leading the league in blocks for many years never quite became a star. Although her stats don’t set her apart, something else does: Margo was 7’2″. 7’2″ is extremely tall for a guy (an inch taller than Shaq), but astoundingly tall for women. If Margo were the same height as a male, how tall would she be?

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