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TeamRankings Premium Services FAQ

An FAQ for users of TeamRankings premium picks, especially our betting picks.

2012 NFL Preseason Rankings Breakdown: How Each Factor Impacted Each Team

Wondering why we're projecting the San Francisco 49ers to decline by several wins in 2012? Or why we think the Eagles are a good bet to top the NFC East rather than the defending Super Bowl champion Giants? Just as we did with our college football preseason rankings, here are all of the underlying statistical components that went into our 2012 NFL preseason rankings.

2012 College Football Preseason Rankings: Ranking Components

We've showed you our rankings and projections, and a lot of lists and picks derived from those. But how did we come up with the preseason ratings in the first place? In this post we lay out exactly why each team is rated where they are, and how their individual rating components combined into an overall team rating.

Season Record Projections: The Methodology

Last week we debuted our season projection tool for college football and the NFL. Here's some insight into how it works, and the advantages it has.

Our New Preseason Ratings: The Methodology

As part of the new season projections we created pre-season ratings for college football and the NFL. Here's some insight into how they work, and what to expect from them.

Losing Days And What They Mean

We discuss some of the realities of being in the predictions business, and the role of randomness and variance in short term time intervals. If you've ever considered betting on sports or buying our advice, make sure you read this.

FAQ: Team Rankings Predictions & Picks

Do you have a questions about our models or picks? Chances are, we answer it here, or at least point you to another page that has the info you're looking for. Read on to find descriptions of our predictive models, what our confidence ratings mean, and why you're seeing red (and green).

Under the TeamRankings Hood, Part 4: Models, Models, Everywhere

This post is the last of a four part series describing our ratings and models. We use six different statistical models to predict the outcomes of games, and to make picks against the spread, over/under, and money line. Read on to find out how each model works, and what the strengths and weaknesses of each are.

Under The TeamRankings Hood, Part 3: Pros And Cons

In Part 3 of a 4 part series describing our ratings and models, we compare our Predictive ratings to the Pomeroy ratings, examining pros and cons of each approach. We also compare the accuracy of the two systems, for this year's games.

Under The TeamRankings Hood, Part 2: Defining Each Rating

Today's post deals with the differences between our various power ratings, including how win credits are assigned in each. If you're curious about why we have multiple ratings, or if you're trying to decide which rating would be best for a particular purpose, this post is for you.