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Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon

Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon Odds Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon Results History

Nadal Wimbledon History

Rafael Nadal has had considerable success at Wimbledon. Nadal won Wimbledon the last two times he participated, and reached the Final the two years before that. He is currently in midst of a hot streak, having won four of the last five major tournaments. Nadal's Wimbledon record all-time is 31-4, but his real specialty is clay court play. It remains to be seen whether Nadal can elevate his grass court play to the level of his clay court play, but if he does, we may be saying "The winner of Wimbledon: Nadal" for years to come.

Nadal Wimbledon Outlook

At this year's Wimbledon Nadal is projected to have very easy opponents in the first three rounds. The most likely Rafael Nadal Wimbledon result this year is for him to win the whole thing. The second most likely result after a Nadal Wimbledon win is for him to lose in the Final.

Wimbledon Nadal Blog

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