Office Pool Picks For Football & More

Want to pick smarter and win your office pool more often?
Our data-driven office pool picks are your secret weapon.

NFL Survivor Pool Picks 2014

Powered by the same intelligence that produced our 29-game survivor win streak in 2011-2012, our NFL Survivor package offers our official weekly survivor pick, strategies for playing multiple entries in a pool, optimal path algorithms that identify your best picks for future weeks, and more.

NFL Football Pool Picks 2014

After years of top-tier finishes, our NFL Pick'em package raises the bar again in 2014. We now identify the best picks for your specific NFL pick'em based on factors such as pool size and payout structure, offer pick sets optimized for winning weekly prizes, and let you customize point spreads.

College Football Pick'em Picks 2014

Our CFB Pick'em package offers all of the same features as our NFL Pick'em package, including customized pick strategies and pick sets optimized for winning "best score of the week" prizes. In addition, we now allow you to enter the specific list of games included in your pool each week.

How We Help You Win More Office Pools

If you're serious about profiting in sports, then you need to get serious about office pools.

They may have been invented for fun, but office pools and sports picking contests are outstanding investment opportunities. Unlike traditional sports betting, in which the Vegas casinos give themselves a built-in edge (typical odds require betting $110 to win $100), office pools pit you against a set of inherently biased human opponents. In these types of games, data-driven strategies can generate a major competitive edge. Smart players can engineer a long term return on investment that blows away the stock market or real estate.

(The downside of office pools is that they don't occur very frequently, so you can go years in between wins. However, when you win, you typically win big. As a result, if you have an edge, it pays to get in as many office pools as you have opportunities to enter.)

For over a decade, has applied objective and sophisticated mathematical analysis to office pool picking contests such as March Madness bracket pools, NFL survivor pools, bowl pick'em pools, and weekly football pools. No other site comes close to matching the depth of research we've done into how to win these types of games. We've helped thousands of players outperform the competition in office pools, and our track record of success speaks for itself.

Whether you are a sports neophyte or a hard-core fan, our computer-optimized contest picks and analysis will give you the best chance to win in these highly inefficient markets.