Office Pool Picks 2014-15

Want to maximize your long term profits from sports pools?
Our customers are up to 10x more likely to win.

Football Pick'em Pool Picks 2014-15

Our picks for football pick'em pools offer perhaps the biggest edge of all our premium products. Last season 70% of our active subscribers were "in the money" in their pools during the final week of competition, including game winner, point spread, confidence, and non-confidence pools! We've also made some great new feature upgrades for 2014.

NFL Survivor Pool Picks 2014-15

Powered by the value-driven strategies that produced our 29-game survivor winning streak spanning the 2011-12 and 2012-13 seasons, our NFL Survivor Picks package includes our top weekly picks for your pool size and goals, a comprehensive weekly writeup, optimal path algorithms that identify your best picks for future weeks, and quantitative future value ratings for every team.

College Bowl Pool Picks 2014-15

College bowl pick'em pools are rapidly gaining in popularity, and our picks have compiled a track record of success. In three of the last four years, bowl pool picks we recommended outscored 97% of entrants (a top-three finish in a typical 100-person pool) in ESPN's national contest. For an even greater edge, we now customize bowl pool picks for your pool size and scoring system.

March Madness Pools 2015

We started researching optimal bracket picking strategy in 2005, and today the sophistication behind our picks is unrivaled. In seven of the last 10 NCAA tournaments, at least 20% of our surveyed subscribers reported winning a prize in their March Madness pools; 55% finished in first place in 2008. We now offer picks, tools, and data for both bracket pools and team draft pools.

Why You Should Play In Office Pools, And How We Help You Win

If you're serious about profiting in sports, then you need to get serious about entering more pools. They may have been invented for fun, but most office pools and sports picking contests are outstanding investment opportunities.

Most importantly, sports pools pit you against a set of inherently biased human opponents. Even though some of your opponents may be "sharp" and know what they're doing, at least some people in every pool are likely to be poor players. Among other possible deficiencies, these inferior players may use flawed methods or information to pick winners, or they may not understand how the pool's scoring system should impact their overall picking strategy.

As a result, data-driven picking strategies can generate a huge competitive edge in pools. In the long run, highly sophisticated players can engineer a return on investment from sports pools that blows away other alternatives such as the stock market or real estate.

(The downside of office pools is that popular pools only occur several times a year, so even if you win them at a very impressive rate, that could still mean you go years between wins. However, when you win a pool, you typically win a huge prize compared to your entry fee. So if you have an edge, it pays to get in as many office pools as you have opportunities to enter.)

For over a decade, we have applied advanced mathematical analysis to office pool picking contests such as football pick'em pools, NFL survivor pools, college bowl pick'em pools, and March Madness bracket pools. No other site comes close to matching the depth of research we've done into how to win these games, the technology and analytics that power our customized picks for each subscriber, or our long term track record of success.

Whether you're a sports neophyte or a hard-core fan, our pool picks, analysis, and tools will help you maximize your long term profits from these inefficient markets.