NFL Rankings

About Power Ratings

Our power ratings measure the relative performance of all teams using 100% objective performance stats and sophisticated computational algorithms.

Our proprietary power ratings model iteratively analyzes information on every game, including team performance, home/away status, margin of victory, and other factors. As each season progresses, the power ratings model builds a sophisticated, multi-layered web of knowledge: how each team has performed in various game scenarios, the strength of each team's opponents, the strength of each team's opponents' opponents, and so on.

The power ratings model computes unbiased, quantitative ratings that assess both general (e.g. Overall power ratings) and situational (e.g. Home/Away power ratings) performance for every team. The system is complex, unbiased, and dynamic; whenever a new game result comes in, the power ratings of many teams will typically change as a result.

Like fine wine, power ratings tend to improve with age. As more games are played, the potential impact of good luck on a team's results decreases, and the power ratings model can make more "connections" between teams in conferences of varying strength. For some more insight, read more about how we rank teams.