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A Response To Deadspin's Post On NFL Stathead Point Spread Picks

NFL 2013 Preseason Rankings: The TR Computer Has Spoken
Introducing our objective and algorithmic 2013 NFL preseason team ratings, including three overrated teams and three teams who could surprise this year. Read more

Introducing The World's Most Intelligent Football Pool Picks
Over the summer, we put over a thousand man hours into helping our users dominate football pick'em and NFL survivor pools. Introducing the world's smartest football pool picks and analysis tools. Read more

Super Bowl Predictions 2013: Picks, Props And Key Stats For The Big Game
We've posted a a wide range of Super Bowl predictions and analysis, including our algorithmic Super Bowl betting picks, game winner odds, analysis of Super Bowl squares games and Super Bowl props, and in-depth statistical information and comparisons of the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers. Read more

Free Super Bowl Prop Analysis: Which Team Will Score First?
As we post Super Bowl prop bet analysis in our premium NFL forum, we wanted to share an example of one of our prop bet breakdowns with all of our readers. While some props can get pretty absurd, this one is straightforward: Which team, 49ers or Ravens, will score the first points of the game? Read more

NFL Playoff Time! A Menu Of Our Playoff Predictions & Coverage
We've posted a wide range of contest advice and predictions for the 2013 NFL playoffs, including our algorithmic betting picks, game winner and round-by-round team survival odds, analysis of NFL playoff survivor and pick'em contests, and even breakdowns of some of the more interesting props and futures bets. Here's the rundown of what's on the site. Read more

QB Performance Plots for Week 17: Manning Finishes In Style
While Peyton Manning and Phillip Rivers both put up solid Week 17 passer ratings, Rivers's outing wasn't as impressive or significant as Manning's. Meanwhile, Tony Romo threw away the Cowboys' playoff chances with his three interception performance on Sunday night. Read more

Week 17 NFL Survivor Strategy: Use It Or Lose It
We're now entering the final week of the season. The decision-making process becomes much simpler this week, as there is no future value to consider. If you've got a big favorite available, it's now or never. We've already used all the very safest teams, but we do have a couple of touchdown favorites left to choose from. Read more

Week 17 NFL Pick'em Strategy: One Last Shot At Glory?
This week marks the end of the NFL's regular season. If you've stuck with our Conservative game winner picks there's a good chance you're at least within striking distance of a payout at this point. Whether you're protecting a lead or needing to go for broke, Week 17 presents a few opportunities for a strong finish. Read more

Week 16 NFL Survivor Friday Update: Much Ado About Nothing
It's December 21st, and the world hasn't ended, which means you still need to make a Survivor pick. If you're taking one of the double digit favorites, the several win odds shifts since Wednesday probably won't make a difference. On the other hand, if you're dipping into the Tier 2 pot, you'll probably want to pay close attention. Read more