NFL Survivor Pool Picks 2013

Our NFL survivor pool picks and research tools are powered by sophisticated mathematical analysis that gives you the best chance to win. No other site comes close to the level of data and technology we apply to help you make the smartest NFL survivor pick every week.

NFL Survivor 2013 Package Features

Official Picks For Single-Entry Survivor Pools

We release an official weekly NFL survivor pick for both small and large pools. Our picks are driven by a proprietary survivor pool simulation engine that incorporates algorithmic game predictions, current Vegas odds, public picking trends, and computer projections of all future NFL games. We use all this data to identify the pick that maximizes expected profit.

Weekly Survivor Report Card

Our detailed survivor report card ranks every team in order of best to worst survivor pick of the week, and also presents the key underlying data that we use in our weekly survivor pick analysis: team win odds, public picking percentage, immediate EV (expected value), future value, and projected win odds for all future games.

Survivor Season Planner Tool

Our new season planner offers the smartest (and most fun) way to plan and compare future picking strategies for your survivor pool. This interactive tool presents a sortable grid of every team's opponent and win odds projection for all 17 weeks, letting you intelligently plan your likely future picks. It even calculates your odds to survive the entire season.

"Ask The Nerds" Survivor Q&A Forum

Probably the most popular feature of our old survivor picks blog column, our survivor Q&A forum gives you the chance to ask the TeamRankings Nerds specific questions about your pool situation. Whether you're facing a unique picking dilemma or a funky set of pool rules, we'll help you figure out the best data-driven decision.

Portfolio Picks For Multiple-Entry Survivor Pools

Serious players recognize the value of playing multiple entries in the same NFL survivor pool, but determining optimal strategy for a portfolio of picks is extremely complex. Our portfolio pick sets provide our recommendations for playing two or three picks in the same pool, analyzing when it's better to "double up" on a pick vs. spread the risk on different picks.

Optimal Path Tool For Future Survivor Picks

Based on thousands of mathematical simulations, our interactive optimal path tool takes survivor season planning to the ultimate level. You tell us which teams you've picked already, then we show you the future picks that maximize your odds to win your pool and to survive the season. You can even make some future picks, and we'll optimize the rest.

Survivor Pick Value (EV) Calculator

A critical tool for late-season strategy, the pick value calculator identifies the profit-maximizing pick of the week based on data you tell us about your pool. Because national picking trends data may not reflect your specific pool when few survivors remain, we let you tell us how many survivors remain and how you expect them to pick. Then, we calculate the top value pick.

NFL Playoffs Survivor Picks & Analysis

Many survivor pools (especially those with strikes or re-buys) extend into the NFL playoffs, or start fresh in the postseason. The TeamRankings Nerds are right there with you through the 2014 Super Bowl, offering our NFL playoffs survivor picks and analysis, as well as answering your questions on playoff survivor pools.