NFL Football Pool Picks 2013

Our NFL football pool picks are powered by objective mathematical analysis that gives you the best chance to win. No other site comes close to level of data and technology we apply to help you make the smartest NFL pool picks every week.

NFL Pick'em 2013 Package Features

Custom Picks For Game Winner Based NFL Pools

We are the only site that offers picks optimized for your specific NFL pick'em pool. First you tell us a bit about your pool (e.g. the payout structure and your place in the standings). Then, using objective data such as algorithmic game predictions and public picking trends, our pick'em simulation engine tests thousands of strategies to determine the best picks to make.

Official Pick Sets For Game Winner Based NFL Pools

We also publish official weekly pick sets geared for some of the more common pool sizes of game winner based NFL pick'em pools. Even though it only takes a minute to get our signature custom picks, if you're pressed for time or don't have access to your NFL pool data, these "quick picks" are ready-to-play and easy to follow.

Picks For Confidence Pools And Non-Confidence Pools

Both our custom NFL football pool picks and our official weekly pick sets include picks for confidence point pools, in which the points awarded for a correct pick are based on a confidence rank that you assign to each pick, as well as for non-confidence pools where every correct pick is worth the same amount of points.

NFL Pick'em Data Grid

The weekly NFL pick'em data grid presents key information about every team, including projected win odds and estimated public pick percentage. Although our process for making football pool pick recommendations is complex, this table breaks down the basics: how risky is it to pick each team, and what are the best opportunities to pick against the public.

Custom Picks For Point Spread Based NFL Pools

Our NFL Pick'em tools include our custom picks for point spread based NFL pick'em pools. In addition, a brand new feature for 2013 is the ability to enter your own point spread for every game, which we then incorporate into our picking strategy analysis. (We still provide a default spread for every game, but you can change it.)

"Ask The Nerds" NFL Pick'em Q&A Forum

One of the most valued features of our old NFL football pool picks blog column, our NFL pick'em Q&A forum gives you the chance to ask the TeamRankings Nerds specific questions about your pool situation. Whether you're facing a unique picking dilemma or a funky set of pool rules, we'll help you figure out the best data-driven decision.

"Win The Week" NFL Pool Picks

Many NFL pools offer prizes for the best score of the week, but maximizing your odds to win weekly prizes requires a targeted picking strategy that often calls for more underdog picks. Our new "win the week" picks enable you to use multiple entries in a pool to optimize your chances to win both weekly and season prizes, or to switch strategies mid-season.

NFL Playoffs Pool Picks

Some NFL pick'em pools on popular sites run through the NFL playoffs, while specific football playoff pools focus exclusively on the postseason. The TeamRankings Nerds are right there with you through the 2014 Super Bowl, offering NFL playoffs pick'em strategies and analysis, as well as answering your questions on playoff football pools.