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Preseason College Football Rankings 2014: Three Teams Stand Tall
After analyzing more than 200 different variables, we've calculated our 2014 college football preseason ratings for all 128 teams in the FBS. Read more

Football Pick'em Pool Picks: Upgrades & Improvements For 2014
After a resoundingly successful year in 2013, our picks for NFL and college football pick'em pools are back, and much improved, for 2014. Read more

Package & Pricing Changes For The 2014 Football Season
With the 2014 NFL and college football seasons right around the corner, here's a rundown of some recent changes we've made to our premium packages. Read more

College Bowl Season Recap 2013-14: Not Our Finest, But Some Wins
With a crazy bowl season loaded with big upsets now completed, we review our bowl pick'em pool picks and bowl betting picks performance in 2013-14. It wasn't our finest year by any means, but there were still some wins. Read more

College Bowl Betting Picks 2013: The Sharp Vs. The Monkey
Don't underestimate the value of the a long term track record when it comes to bowl betting picks. Here are some numbers that may surprise you about how much -- or how little -- skill may have to do with how someone's bowl picks do over any one given bowl season. Read more

College Bowl Picks 2013: The Best Chance To Win Your Bowl Pickem Office Pool
College bowl season is back upon us, and we have released a new and vastly improved picks package for bowl pick'em office pools. If you want to get the maximum edge over your bowl pool opponents, here's how you do it with our objective and customized bowl picks. Read more

Introducing The World's Most Intelligent Football Pool Picks
Over the summer, we put over a thousand man hours into helping our users dominate football pick'em and NFL survivor pools. Introducing the world's smartest football pool picks and analysis tools. Read more

College Football 2013 Preseason Rankings: The TR Top 25 And Beyond
The official post listing TR's 2013 college football preseason rankings, including our preseason Top 25 and highlights of overrated and underrated teams. Read more

College Bowl Season 2012-13 Recap: Our Bowl Pick'em Advice Hits Again
We review in detail our prediction and contest advice performance from the 2012-2013 college football bowl season, including our picks for bowl pick'em contests and our algorithmic bowl game betting picks. Overall, it was another very strong year for our pick'em contest strategies, while bowl betting pick results were mixed. Read more

2012-13 College Football Preseason Projection Recap: No Sophomore Slump
Our win total picks and our BCS conference and division winner value picks were both profitable, our biggest disagreements with the public consensus were more often right than wrong, and 7 of the 10 BCS bowl teams were in the top 20 of our preseason college football rankings, compared to only four from the AP Top 20. Nice. Read more