NCAA Tournament 2015: Predictions, Picks & Brackets

Since 2000, has provided NCAA tournament predictions, data and analysis. Whether your goal is to win an NCAA bracket pool, get an edge betting tournament games, or simply figure out who's going to make the 2015 tournament, our numbers-driven approach provides the most objective and sophisticated way to do it.

NCAA Bracketology 2015

Every day we produce detailed bracketology odds for all NCAA Division I teams. To derive these odds, we run thousands of computer simulations of remaining regular season games, conference tournaments, and even the NCAA selection committee process itself.

Bracket Survival Predictions 2015

Based on team seedings and future round matchup probabilities, we calculate the odds for every team to survive each successive NCAA tournament round. Before Selection Sunday, we use the results of our bracketology simulations as the basis for these predictions.

NCAA Bracket Picks 2015

Once the tournament bracket is announced on Selection Sunday, we aggregate insights from the world's best ratings systems and predictions (including Vegas odds), and use it to customize bracket picks that give you the best chance to win your NCAA pool.

Bracket Picking Guide: How To Win Your NCAA Pool

If you're interested in learning about some of the methods we use to generate a huge edge in NCAA bracket pools, we invite you to check out our Bracket Picking Guide, a blog post series that explains how to think and act like an NCAA pool pro.

NCAA Tournament Betting Picks 2015

If you're heading to Vegas for the tournament, our point spread and over/under picks for college basketball have compiled a track record of profitability that spans a sample size of more than 8,000 recommended picks over the past 8 seasons.

Most Likely NCAA Tournament Champs

Team Win It All
Kentucky 32.6%
Wisconsin 9.6%
Duke 9.0%
Arizona 8.7%
Virginia 7.6%

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Most Likely 1 Seeds

Team 1-Seed%
Kentucky 98.0%
Virginia 74.5%
Gonzaga 53.3%
Villanova 52.4%
Duke 47.0%

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1-4 Seeds With Worst Sweet 16 Odds

Team Sweet 16 %
Maryland 34.0%
Wichita St 44.6%
Baylor 48.5%
Iowa State 54.3%
Oklahoma 57.6%

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Most Likely Auto Bids

Team Auto%
Kentucky 79.9%
Harvard 79.0%
Gonzaga 73.7%
N Mex State 70.4%
NC Central 61.7%

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Seeds Of 4+ With Best Final Four Odds

Team Final Four %
Ohio State 13.1%
N Carolina 11.3%
Louisville 10.3%
Wichita St 6.3%
Michigan St 5.9%

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Current Bubble Teams

Team NCAA Bid%
Purdue 50.8%
Harvard 80.5%
Colorado St 56.7%
Pittsburgh 47.1%
Texas 51.3%

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Seeds Of 10+ With Best Sweet 16 Odds

Team Sweet 16 %
Texas 13.0%
BYU 8.0%
UCLA 5.6%
Harvard 5.2%
Ste F Austin 4.9%

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