NCAA Bracket Picks 2015

BracketBrains gives you the best chance to win your NCAA bracket pool

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Data-Driven NCAA Bracket Picks

In the last five years, over 700,000 people have used our analytics and tools to beat their opponents in NCAA bracket contests. Based on sophisticated mathematical analysis, our brackets have repeatedly finished in the top 1-2% of ESPN's national bracket contest.

Our approach to finding the best bracket picks goes far beyond ranking teams and projecting games. Using more than 20 high powered computer servers, we run millions of NCAA tournament simulations to identify the best possible picks for you. Our brackets are customized for your pool's scoring system, upset bonuses (if applicable) and other key factors.

Powering our computer simulations is a massive database of 100% objective information: computer rankings from multiple leading systems, Vegas odds, team injury reports, public picking trends from multiple popular bracket pool sites. We do all the research for you.

BracketBrains is the product of over a decade of research by a team of Stanford engineers. This is what we do for a living, and our long term track record of success has enabled us to parlay our love for sports, math, and technology into a successful business.

Bracket Picking Features

Customized, Data-Driven Bracket Picks

Using our unique custom picks interface, you tell us the key details about your bracket pool such as its scoring system and upset bonuses (if applicable). Then, we show you the bracket that has the highest odds to win your pool.

Portfolios of Ready-To-Play Bracket Sheets

We don't just show you the best bracket for your pool. We also present four alternative brackets, each with high win odds. You can use these brackets if you want to put multiple entries into a pool, or if you prefer them to the best bracket.

"Quick Picks" Brackets

If you only have a minute to grab a bracket and go, we offer one-click access to hundreds of brackets optimized for the more popular scoring systems, such as traditional 1-2-4-8-16-32 points per round scoring and Fibonacci scoring.

Bracket Builder Tool

Want to pick your own bracket using our objective game predictions, comprehensive matchup stats, and historical data as a guide? We've built a tool for that too. Use our bracket builder to create and save as many brackets as you want.

Round By Round Team Survival Odds

The always popular survival odds grid shows you the percentage chance that every team has to make every successive tournament round. It's a great reference for bracket picking and for valuing teams in auction or draft style pools.

Upset Pick & Value Pick Analysis

Brand new this year, the bracket pick data grid provides odds, public picking rates, and impact analysis for every possible pick in the 2015 bracket. Most likely Round of 64 upsets? Best value picks to make the Final Four? Here you go.

Matchup Predictions & Analysis Tool

Pick any two NCAA tournament teams and we'll show you computer predictions from multiple models, a team level box score simulation, comprehensive statistical comparisons, and relevant historical data such as past tourney performance.

Expert Q&A Forum

Last but not least, you get access to the TeamRankings nerds themselves. You can ask us questions both before and during the 2015 NCAA tournament, and listen in on insightful conversations we're having with fellow customers.

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