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SF Giants at Houston

  Tuesday Aug 28, 2012 - 8:05 pm - Houston, TX | Odds: San Francisco by 1.5, Total Points: 7 | Team Pages: SF | HOU

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SF Giants Injuries

Name Pos Updated Injury Status
Brandon Belt 1B 7/23 Concussion 7-DAY DL
Angel Pagan CF 7/22 Back 15-DAY DL
Matt Cain SP 7/21 Elbow 15-DAY DL

Houston Injuries

Name Pos Updated Injury Status
Dexter Fowler CF 7/20 Back 15-DAY DL
Alex Presley CF 7/20 Oblique 15-DAY DL
Matt Albers RP 7/17 Shoulder 15-DAY DL
Collin McHugh SP 7/12 Finger 15-DAY DL
Jesse Crain RP 7/11 Elbow 60-DAY DL